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The Swim Spa In Autumn

Autumn is an absolutely beautiful season. The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp, and the smell of hot chocolate waiting for you at home. Already your eager to pull on a cozy sweater and jump into a pile of leaves. However, the fall weather has its downsides too. Autumn means the weather is getting colder. Worst of all, it means that it’ll be months before you can ever enjoy a nice dip in the pool again.

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The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of The Swim Spa

Whether you swim professionally or in your leisure, the swim spa is a wonderful addition to your home. The swim spa combines the best qualities of a regular swimming pool and hot tub to provide you with the perfect place to swim and relax. However, the benefits of the swim spa don’t end there! One of the best features that the swim spa has to offer is just how eco-friendly it is compared to the average pool and hot tub.

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Aqua Therapy For Children With Autism

Aqua Therapy For Children With AutismWith autism being diagnosed more frequently than ever before, it has become even more important to find effective treatments in order to restore and improve their quality of life. There are many different kinds of treatments that can be used to assist children with autism. However, one of the most effective forms of therapy is aqua therapy.

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Why Pool Maintenance Is Important

Why Pool Maintenance Is ImportantYou just got yourself a new pool or swim spa installed and you just can’t wait to jump in and enjoy. Swimming and relaxing in the water is a lot of fun, but you may not look forward to all the work it takes to maintain chlorine levels or having to check the pH levels. However, if your not keeping up with maintenance, your pool may have some terrible surprises for you.

Chlorine Levels

It is crucial that you maintain the chlorine levels in your pool or swim spa. Otherwise, a little dip in the pool could make you sick. In order to kill bacteria and parasites, chlorine levels must be high enough to do so. Otherwise, your pool will end up making you very ill as a result. However, too much chlorine can also have terrible side effects on your health including rashes, vomiting, and breathing problems.

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Getting Started With Aqua Fitness

Getting Started With Aqua FitnessFrom swimming out on the lake to relaxing in the hot tub, water has been apart of some fond memories. However, many people only find time to enjoy the water during special occasions. Don’t let your love for the water end with the season! There are many ways you can continue enjoying and benefiting from the water all year round. Aqua fitness has become a great way to combine your love for the water with an exercise to keep you feeling healthy and fit.

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Swim Spas: Good For Exercise, Good For Parties

Let’s say that you’ve recently purchased a swim spa and that you’ve finally got it installed good and proper in you backyard. Perhaps you bought it because you wanted to get in shape or stay in shape and found it was a more economical purchase than a full-sized pool – especially since you can use a swim spa all throughout winter. Perhaps you bought it because you heard about the benefits of hydrotherapy, and how simple exercises in warm water can relieve back pain and keep arthritis at bay.

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Lap Pool vs Swim Spa

Lap Pool vs Swim SpaWhether your a professional swimmer or just someone who enjoys a few laps in the pool, choosing the right pool for your needs is important. Lap pools are specially designed for swimming laps and can be built right in your own backyard. However, are they really the best choice for your water fitness needs? Swim spas are growing in popularity and replacing pools of all kinds. But can the swim spa really satisfy your fitness needs better than your average lap pool?

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Aqua Therapy For Arthritis

E2E COVER6As you get older, you may find it harder to get around and enjoy the activities you used to. This can be especially true for those with arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the joints and can get worse with age. This condition can be frustrating and keep you from enjoying life. Your not alone, millions of Americans are affected by arthritis. Though this condition is medically manageable, there is no cure. However, with aqua therapy you can manage and ease some of the pain. Here are just a few of the ways aqua therapy can benefit you.

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Swim Spas?

Why Is Everyone Talking About Swim Spas?Humans have a natural affinity for water. Our ancestors tamed the ocean waves and dared hurricanes and typhoons to explore the distant corners of the globe. Harbors and marinas across the world are packed with sailboats and yachts which serve no use beyond providing their owners with the joy of floating across the open waves. Most amusement parks offer special areas with waterslides, swimming pools, and water-based rides, and a few parks provide nothing else.

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