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Why Pool Maintenance Is Important

Why Pool Maintenance Is ImportantYou just got yourself a new pool or swim spa installed and you just can’t wait to jump in and enjoy. Swimming and relaxing in the water is a lot of fun, but you may not look forward to all the work it takes to maintain chlorine levels or having to check the pH levels. However, if your not keeping up with maintenance, your pool may have some terrible surprises for you.

Chlorine Levels

It is crucial that you maintain the chlorine levels in your pool or swim spa. Otherwise, a little dip in the pool could make you sick. In order to kill bacteria and parasites, chlorine levels must be high enough to do so. Otherwise, your pool will end up making you very ill as a result. However, too much chlorine can also have terrible side effects on your health including rashes, vomiting, and breathing problems.

PH Levels

Though pH levels are effected by chlorine, it is more about balancing the chemicals of the water itself. This can include the amount of alkaline, calcium, and minerals are in your pool’s water. Having these levels unbalanced could prevent the chlorine’s ability to work and can end up damaging your pool or swim spa.

Keeping Out Bugs

Lastly, there are bugs to look out for. Tons of creepy crawlies find themselves attracted to the water source and drown in the pool. Even worse, insects like mosquitoes may try to use it as a breeding ground. Gross!

One option is to buy a pool net so that you can easily collect any bugs you might find within minutes. However, there is an easier way. With an End2End Spa Cover, you can keep your pool or swim spa safe from creepy crawlies with little trouble. These covers are easy enough for a single person to use and will keep the water safe when your not using your pool or spa. Let us help you keep your pool or swim spa covered today!

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