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Lap Pool vs Swim Spa

Lap Pool vs Swim SpaWhether your a professional swimmer or just someone who enjoys a few laps in the pool, choosing the right pool for your needs is important. Lap pools are specially designed for swimming laps and can be built right in your own backyard. However, are they really the best choice for your water fitness needs? Swim spas are growing in popularity and replacing pools of all kinds. But can the swim spa really satisfy your fitness needs better than your average lap pool?


Lap pools require a lot of maintenance to keep them clean and safe. They often require a lot of very harsh chemicals and are overall difficult to maintain. A swim spa needs only a minimal amount of chlorine and often comes with its own purification system. You may still need to monitor pH levels like you would for a pool, but the maintenance needed is still pretty low overall.


Lap pools are very big in size and can take up most of the yard. Though this provides you with a lot of room to swim, it leaves little room for anything else. Some may not even have a yard big enough for the lap pool in the first place. Swim spas come in custom sizes to fit your needs. So the amount of space they take up is really up to you. Swim spas are also able to be installed inside or outside the home. So not only do you control how much space your swim spa takes up, but also where you want that space to be.


Since lap pools are only available outside, they can only be used in warm and hot weather. Unless you live in a tropical area, this limits the amount of use and fun your able to have with it. Swim spas can be put directly into your home making them usable all year round. No longer will you have to wait for summer to swim!

Energy Efficiency

Due to the large size, lap pools need a lot of water and more likely to suffer from water loss. This can make it very expensive to keep your pool up and running. Since the swim spa requires less space, it also require less water and less chemicals than a lap pool. This makes it much more energy efficiency and will keep you from overspending.

Whether you have a pool or a swim spa, don’t forget to purchase an End2End swim spa cover! Our covers are custom made to fit any pool or spa you purchase and come in a variety of colors. Their simple design makes them easy to use and you’ll save money thanks to its heat sealing qualities.

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