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Aqua Therapy For Arthritis

E2E COVER6As you get older, you may find it harder to get around and enjoy the activities you used to. This can be especially true for those with arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the joints and can get worse with age. This condition can be frustrating and keep you from enjoying life. Your not alone, millions of Americans are affected by arthritis. Though this condition is medically manageable, there is no cure. However, with aqua therapy you can manage and ease some of the pain. Here are just a few of the ways aqua therapy can benefit you.

Strengthen Muscles

The natural resistance felt when moving through the water can be used as a way to strengthen muscles and build endurance. Though it is possible to build muscle using land exercises, it often puts too much pressure on the joints and can worsen arthritis. Water allows for a safer and healthier way to strengthen muscles without risk of injury.

Decreases Swelling

Arthritis patients can benefit from the natural compressive force of water on their limbs. This compression reduces swelling in a comfortable manner and aids in venous return. Arthritis can cause a lot of stiffness, but aqua therapy can allow for more fluid movement.

Reduces Stress On Joints

The buoyancy of water can greatly decrease the amount of stress placed on your joints. Buoyancy counteracts gravity which reduces the amount of weight your body needs to carry. This greatly eases a person’s ability to move around and allows your body to be constantly supported by the water surrounding you. This also makes it near impossible for you to lose your balance or fall down which can be a problem as you get older.

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