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One of the best things about the rainfly material is the excellent cleanability. Just use mild soap and water with a soft deck brush and finish off with a rinse. Regular care and cleaning of the cloth rainfly is not only easy, it helps to maintain the life of the fabric. Visit this link for 303 Fabric Guard information.

General Cleaning:

•Spray or Brush off loose dirt

•Prepare a solution of 2 ounces mild soap (e.g. Woolite or Dawn dish washing liquid) and 1 gallon of lukewarm water

•Use a soft deck brush to clean

•Rinse thoroughly with cold water

•Air dry

Note: Fabric will require a re-treatment to restore its water repellency annually or as needed. The fabric manufacturer recommends using 303® Fabric Guard™.
*E2E, LLC or End 2 End Swim Spa Covers is not responsible for the improper use/
application of accessories, tools, or products extrinsic to those manufactured and
provided by the same.

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