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Water Exercise Benefits for Seniors

Hydropool FX 14 with Rolling E2E CoversAs we get older, mobility becomes a hindrance to keeping healthy and active. One of the best things that you can do to maintain physical activity is by getting in the water and release the weight of gravity to decrease muscle and joint pain in order to move around with much greater freedom and comfort. There are many benefits of water for seniors interested in aerobic exercise, and exercises can be performed in the comfort of one’s own home swim spa – no need to go to the local pool!

How Water Exercise Helps

Building up your strength and endurance is easy in a home spa because water resistance relieves atmospheric pressure and shifts strain on muscles to get through the water. When the body moves throughout the water, joints can naturally bend and flex much easier and will lead to greater joint flexibility.

Being in the water removes a certain amount of pressure from your own physical weight, which decreases the physical impact on joints and will decrease joint pain when running in place in water, unlike the daunting joint pain of running on land. This is great for seniors who might experience issues with arthritis or people looking for better methods of rehabilitation after a joint replacement.

Fantastic Stress Relief

For many, pursuing physical activity outside of the home can be daunting or even anxiety-inducing. Many studies have shown that simply being in or near water provides a calming effect so interaction with water is a fantastic method of stress relief. When coupled with the privacy of an at-home swim spa, water exercise can be both physically and psychologically beneficial. Now, if the thought of care and maintenance of a private swim spa also seems daunting, the End 2 End Swim Spa Cover can protect and simplify home spa maintenance and won’t break down under the elements.

Better for Medical Concerns

Strength and cardio workouts can both be performed in a home spa and building water resistance during these exercises coupled with the warmth of the water temperature can increase calorie burning much more than average land exercises. Additionally, water pressure has the added benefit of improving blood circulation and decreasing blood pressure, which can assist with those who have blood pressure related medical concerns, especially when it comes to aerobic exercise. There are many benefits for seniors looking to increase their daily activity and improve their health when working out in the water and in a swim spa.

If you’d like to learn more about how an End 2 End Swim Spa Cover can help you get the full benefits of water exercise, contact us today! Our friendly customer service representatives can answer any questions you have! (775) 583-8880

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