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Use & Maintenance Instructions:


The following points must be understood and followed for your E2E Cover® to function as designed. How to roll the E2E Cover. (Watch Video Here)

Heat Seal

To help ensure a proper heat seal, please remember that when the End 2 End Cover is in the closed position, the cover’s end-straps must be pulled and latched down tightly for the heat seal and the domed effect to function as designed.

Reinforced End Straps

Always use the reinforced end-straps to manipulate the cover; doing so by any other means may cause damage to your End 2 End Cover.


  • Regular monthly maintenance is required on the E2E Cover in order to keep it looking and performing it’s best.
  • Roll the cover both directions continuosly, will help maintain an upright center dome frame position. Watch the video here:
  • We recommend a quick spray-down with a garden hose every so often to remove accumulated dirt, pollen, or debris from the cover. Further, after experiencing snow, hail, or particularly heavy rain-storms, it is good practice to clear any accumulation from the cover using a soft deck brush.
  • For specific care and cleaning of the exterior rainfly visit link here: 303 Fabric Guard and Rainfly-Care-Cleaning
  • The vinyl underside of the cover should be wiped down regularly with an all-natural / all-purpose cleaner.
  • Annual or seasonal re-positioning of the E2E Cover on the swim spa. Roll the cover down to one end.  With two able bodied people, spin it 180°, bring it down to the opposite end and roll the cover to a closed position. Watch the video here:
  • For advice on summer startup and how to open pool season.
  • Step-by-step winterizing instructions and securing the End 2 End Cover for non-use.

Helpful tip for the end user:  The E2E Cover is designed to roll in both directions. Therefore, it is important to service the frame by rolling the cover in both directions on a consistent basis. Doing so will help maintain the hoop rods in a vertical position the entire length of the cover, which will allow gravity to pitch rain off the exterior rainfly. You will also achieve a cover stretched to the final build length when fastening the cover taut and locking on all four sides. This promotes the cover to lay flat on the underside creating a good seal with the spa shell.  Enjoy using your E2E Cover, and keep on rolling!

For customers who do not intend to use their swim spa during the winter season, follow manufactures instructions on how to winterize your swim spa. Additionally, secure the E2E Cover on all four sides fasten and lock all.  Lastly, place a heavy/water resistant tarp over the top of all, and secure to receive inclement weather accumulation.

As ever, be sure and follow the specific manufacturer’s handling/use instructions for any/all product(s) used in conjunction with your E2E Cover; even benign cleaners can be harmful if used improperly. E2E, LLC is not responsible for injury resulting from the [improper] use of such cleaners. Be safe, and use your best judgement when deciding how best to employ them.

Contact the customer support team with any questions. Toll free 855-583-8880 ext. 1


Safety First!

Be sure to leave the End2End Cover in the closed position, ensuring the cover is latched down on all sides when your swim spa is not in use.




If the warning label on your End 2 End Cover is worn, torn, or otherwise illegible, contact us immediately at for a replacement.

In no event shall E2E, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages whatsoever—to property or life—arising out of [or connected with] the use or misuse of its products. Nor are we liable

Please read and understand the Unpacking, Installation & Maintenance Instructions, as well as any additional literature, included with your cover. If you lose your copy of these instructions, please let us know and we will furnish a replacement.

Further, E2E is not responsible for the improper use/application of accessories, tools, or products extrinsic to those manufactured and provided by the same.

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