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Hello there, just wanted to say thank you for your product! We have been hot tub owners for years, and have continually been disappointed in traditional covers. When we bought our swim spa five years ago, our disappointment with cover options only got worse! We have been proud owners of an End to End cover for 6 months now, and we are incredibly impressed with the design and the materials used to make it. We live in one of the “snow belt” regions of Canada, (an hour north of Toronto), and after our first winter filled with snow and bitterly cold temps, we are pleased to let you know how well your product withstood our harsh conditions.

Because you are based in Nevada, we were sure that your covers could handle the heat, but we are now reassured that it can handle a tough Canadian winter as well. I’ve attached a picture of a early Spring snowfall (March 31st) as an example of how the cover holds up under a heavy, wet snow load. (I took this just before cleaning it off in the morning. We never leave it too long with heavy snow on it.) We take good care of it!

We hope you share this review with others (especially those in the northern states and Canada) because the lack of info/reviews about snowy weather almost stopped us from purchasing your fantastic product! After our first winter, we couldn’t be happier with it!

Thank you,
Mr. & Mrs. Behan…Canada

Play the E2E Cover audio testimonial from Walt Smith below

From the beginning, I was impressed with how personable and patient Will was on my first call. He took the time to tell me about your company and your extended family business. Next, I was impressed with how well the packing was done when our cover arrived. Please tell your employees that I do not take the quality of their details for granted. I notice all of the care and quality in the stitching of all of the components in your product. It matters ! Finally, we are very happy with the fit and finish of our new cover. It is a great solution, rather than our previous cover that is heavy, cumbersome, and was a big chore to remove and replace. Thanks for the work, the design, and the care you put into your covers.

Michael Fogg – October 2023

We have received our swim spa cover and I got to say I love it! Our last cover was a typical “easy” cover lifter. It was a workout to just get in the spa. After 2 years it sagged into the water and became water logged. It was horrible.

After receiving your cover, we followed the directions, and found that I could roll this cover back with 2 fingers. It is amazing! Thank you so much for the product and for it being affordable.

Thank you,
Kevin Rab…November 2022

Beau and Patricia,   Would like to thank you both for the excellent communication and helpfulness that I have received for the both of you.    I received my cover and absolutely LOVE it !!!!!

Thank you VERY a much!
Pam Rhodes…California…July 2022

I just wanted to give 2 of your associates a huge thumbs up for there outstanding customer service. In a society with lacking customer priority yours is defiantly an exception. The Sales Manager was able to get me the cover and pushed manufacturing to match my schedule…
The Shipping Manager expedited the shipping and truly cared about how it arrived, following up with me to insure proper delivery. She was also able to have the time to cover all aspect of this cover, even including care and chemical usage. I really enjoyed our interaction.

Paul Gray…Wenatchee, WA…May 2021

We appreciate all that was done to get us this great product. Installation was easy and it’s easy to use. Our salesmen, was very helpful and answered our questions promptly. We installed it today and we just love it.

Lisa Atkins…NewBurgh, IN…April 2021

Love my new cover !! Very user friendly for a women in her late fifties to open. It fits Beautifully!!

Laura Rountree…Virginia…April 2021

I LOVE my E2E spa cover so far, it’s been 3 weeks! Wish I would have bought it years ago because we have used our spa so much more since the new cover already because it’s so easy!!

Katie White… Illinois…April 2021

I just wanted to email you guys to tell you how happy I am with your cover. I built this swim spa myself and put it in service last April (perfect timing before the pandemic!). Your cover is the icing on the cake – never a moment’s hesitation to get in the swim spa, ’cause it’s so easy to remove your cover. Also, I’d have to say, I’ve been impressed with how energy efficient it has been.

The Best decision I made in building this thing was getting your cover.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Erik Neumann…West Linn, Oregon…June 2021

I’ve been meaning to write but am just now getting around to it. Wanted to tell you we absolutely love our swim spa cover!  It’s works great and is much easier to maneuver than our previous one. Thanks so much!  If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to contact us!

Meg Moseley…Harrodsburg, Ky…June 2020

Love the new cover – we are now getting our moneys worth out of the spa…thank you for a great product!

Mary Christopher…Granbury TX…May 2020

What an improvement on my old cover, so much lighter than my old cover, and so easier to work with.

Valerie Thompson…South YorkSshire, UK…May 2020

Easy to order. Cover arrived when promised and works as advertised. This cover is much easier to handle then the 2 piece fold-up cover that came with our spa. My wife who is 5′ tall and 100 lbs can easily open and close the cover now. Glad I found the company that makes it and highly recommend to others looking for a swim/spa cover.

Rick Mauro…Sebastian, FL…April 2020

We love it !!!
Ease of use, deflection of the rain, one person point of access and stylish looks has made us extremely pleased with our purchase of the E2E swim spa cover.

Steven & Joanna…Branford, FL…March 2020

I have to tell you that we are very pleased with the E2E cover that we recently purchased. It works great…is very easy to use on a daily basis…and keeps the heat in the tub much better than the old modular cover system that we had. All I can say is “Wow…what. Difference”

If you ever need a testimonial or other recommendation, please let me know. And please pass this message on to Tim and the rest of the team there at E2E.

Have a Merry Xmas and Holiday season.

Jim Phelan…December 2019

I received my new spa cover 3 weeks ago and could not be happier. It beat all my expectations. Thanks for such a great option.
Doug Myers…November 2019

Good afternoon;
I purchased a cover for my swim spa from End-to-End earlier this year. It is as good as I was told. Also it came thru Hurricane Dorian without a problem. We had some 90 mph wind gusts and it didn’t even budge. GOOD COVER…..

Stephen Peters…September 2019

I recently installed a swim spa and your cover. I LOVE the cover. Even the hot tub dealer said he was going to look into these. They were very impressed.

Jan Peterson…Houston TX USA…September 2019

You are right, I love it after one use! So happy I was given your contact information from a company I inquired with about a rolling spa cover that couldn’t help me. So far I love your product.
Nancy Sawezyszyn…September 2019

I am impressed with the cover and the company. This company makes sure that the customer is happy with the product.
Myron and Karen Cloke…September 2019

Purchased 13′ sport model through your dealer. They installed and has been on my spa since keeping water clean and warm. Love the product. My teenage son broke plastic connectors off spa end. Your customer service sent me free replacement clips. Outstanding customer service!
Tony Scott…August 2019

This cover is life changing!! I love it and will definitely recommend it to anyone I know. The ordering and delivery process was so smooth and efficient and I really appreciate it. Thank you for making this so easy and for such a great product.

Janice Boudreau…Woodstock, GA…July 2019

Cover is working perfectly. You got the corner sizing just right. Thanks for the great product. Appreciate the effort you guys put into packing.

P. Jarvis…Woodinville, WA…June 2019

From the beginning to the end everyone I spoke with were top notch and very informative. The cover certainly has made our life easier and the spa more accessible and enjoyable for my wife and myself.

S. Peters…Little River, SC…June 2019

Just wanted to let you know we received our cover perfectly intact. We are VERY happy with the construction and cosmetic quality of the cover.


Dave Dickel…May 2019

Very pleased with the cover, extremely easy to use and I highly recommend it!!

S. Desich…Seminole, FL…March 2019

This is a nice cover and it has really helped my humidity problem.  Also haven’t had to add water and this is the first time my PH is almost right. I should have started with this cover.

P. Lawhon…Lampasas, TX…March 2019

We are extremely pleased with the cover and have recommended your product to our spa distributor (Leisure Depot) and friends.
John & Yvonne Thompson…North Charleston, SC…March 2019

I was nervous about ordering this type product via internet. I don’t know how it could have gone better to this point. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with your company. I have no reason to doubt the cover won’t last and perform ar it has been advertised. Ty!

Derek Chute…Awasso, OK…January 2019

Excellent cover that is easy to roll, looks great and is exceptionally well made.

Patricia Hubert…Merewether, Australia…January 2019

I am impressed with the workmanship and quality of the new cover. It fits perfectly and is much easier to uncover and recover our pool. You don’t have unsightly stiff covers sticking straight up at each end and there is no gap in the middle that allows trash into your pool. You have one well made cover that can easily be rolled and unrolled by one person. This should be a stock item for all swim spas.

Mr. Bill Porter…Fayetteville , NC…July 2018

Everything was just as you described. Delivery was very smooth. The crate was easy enough to disassemble. My son and I easily carried the cover to the spa and installation was very simple. The cover is wonderful and has definitely helped in maintaining temperature and chem balance. It is very easy for me to open and close by myself. I have opened it from both in and outside the spa.

Eugene Hopkins…Elmhurst Township, PA…July 2018 

I want to thank all of you for your awesome product and your exemplary customer service. I’m amazed at how great this experience has been!

Kevin Rathbun…Hatfield, AZ…July 2018

Hello End 2 End Covers,
I received my spa cover today and I am happy to have it.   It is relaxing on my swim spa.

James Moorehead…Simpsonville, SC  USA…July 3, 2018

We absolutely love this cover!! I am so glad I found this!! Made wonderfully-Great Customer Service-The Product and ease of use is OUTSTANDING!! I’ve gotten sooo many compliments on it! Thank you End2End!!!

Lynda C…Hermitage, TN…May 2018

We are so impressed with how nice this cover is built! It looks awesome!! Easy install and we are beyond happy we chose this product!!!

Mr. Dan Miller…Anza, CA…May 2018


We are thoroughly enjoying our E2E Cover.  The installation was relatively easy.  It maintains the heat better than the manufacturer supplied cover and it is much easier to deploy and roll to retract.

Dr. John Crisler…Rio Rancho, NM…May 2018

I just wanted to give you a heads up we are currently doing another Home Show this weekend and have your covers up there again. Wow people really do love your covers, I am equally impressed now that I have seen them in person!

Chad…Missouri…April 2018

We are so pleased with the spa cover and the customer service was above and beyond. Thank you so much!

Brian Lowman…Windsor, MD…February 2018

Our cover has been working great all winter long in northern Michigan. It’s been a joy to swim while the rest of the world is covered in ice and snow. Our home is near net zero and we’ve been able to heat our pool and spa efficiently.
Ryan Knight…Michigan…February 2018

Awesome product and has made a huge difference in the look, temperature and usefulness of our swim spa…Thank you.

Jeff Meyers…Fredereck, ME…November 2017

Wish I had this cover a year ago when we purchased our swim spa. My wife can finally open the spa with ease what a joy! The quality of the outside cover appears to be much greater than that crappy heavy vinyl cover.  Also thanks for supporting us Veterans!

Mr. Joseph Warren…Choctaw, OK…Oct 2017

My wife began shopping for cover solutions.  She came across End 2 End amongst her choices.  After reading the reviews and looking at the overall design we decided to go with the End 2 End.  And we are so glad we did!!!  Others have written about the great customer service and assistance and I would only echo those comments as our experience was as good or better.  My wife can now swim anytime she wishes as the cover easily rolls back for her.  I am thrilled by the great seal the cover provides keeping out ALL needles and tree debris!  My filter is so much cleaner and nothing is being sucked into the pumps anymore.  This cover has made the experience of owning a swim spa great! If you have or are contemplating a swim spa, this is the best cover you can have.  Thank you End 2 End!  The entire experience has been terrific and we now thoroughly enjoy having and using our swim spa!!!

Dan Stanley & Kay Coles…North Carolina…August 2017

I am very happy with my cover plus the crate will be used to store my yard tools, what a plus. Have a fantastic day to you and your team. Again thank you so much.

Charles T Jordan Jr…July 2017

We purchased the cover in Aug of 2015 – so almost 2 years now. Let me say that we love this cover. It is so much easier to use than the original covers that came with the Swim Spa. I am so glad we found you.
All the best

Jim Verrier…July 2017

I would like you to know, that I love my cover!!!

First Thank you so much for being on top of every movement in the procedure of having it shipped to our house. Second, that the product is everything that you guys told me it would be.

It was very nice doing business with your company and I will certainly recommend your company with our friends.

Thanks again,
Dorine Boelen…June 2017

The cover arrived on Friday, with no problems.  It fits PERFECTLY!! Quality & construction is great. My wife says she can open and close it by herself with ease.
John Eastburn…June 2017
MP Force/Master Spas

We recently purchased a End 2 End swim spa cover. We looked at various options but kept coming back to the End 2 End cover.  Installation of the cover was easy.  The cover is awesome. My spa has never had so much use. It used to be a chore to get the old waterlogged foam covers off. Now its a 1 person operation, making having a spa a fun activity again.

Thanks again for such a great product & service.

Luke Cartwright…March 2017

You may be this best company I have ever have ordered from. Sales, order entry, production, shipping, billing, you name it. Great follow up and quality product. It has been a pleasure!

Frank Tarantino…Sunapee, NH…February 2017

This cover is wonderful. We enjoy our swim spa even more now that we purchased an E2E cover. Your service is above and beyond our expectations.

Lou Spina…Port Ewen, NY…January 2017

Thank you very much. We are certainly enjoying our swim spa and especially the swim spa cover. It is so easy to roll it up when swimming and then roll it back down when not in use! We are in 7th Heaven! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Steve and Naomi Lopes…Foresthill, CA…January 2017

The cover arrived as promised and was an easy installation thanks to the clear instructions.  I am eager to get out and start using it!  Thanks for a great purchasing experience.

Mitch Frazier…Westfield, IN…December 2016

Best purchase ever. This cover makes it way more likely that I will use this swim spa all winter! There is no comparison to the cover that came with the spa.

Dr.Yancho…Grawn, MI…December 2016

Totally awesome cover.  I’ve been using it for about a week and it keeps the heat in as well or better than the old cover. But the best, the very best, thing about the cover is how easy it is to use.  I use to struggle taking the old one off, and then especially putting the old cover back on.  Not any more.  Thank you E2E !!!

John Mincieli…Massachusetts…November 2016

I just LOVE this cover! The old nasty hot tub covers were heavy and an eyesore. This New E2E cover makes my life so much easier! I am able to get in and roll it up with no help! It is very attractive and makes my back area so top notch! High Quality and strong! Thank you for offering such a superb product!

Diana Looney…Columbus, OH…September 2016

Thank you for making this a great experience. I was a little doubtful of buying an item like this over the internet without actually seeing it. It is everything that End 2 End says. A great cover and easy to install.

Tom & Cathy Plunkett…Province, CA…August 2016

Love the cover so far! Easy to open and close. Perfect brown color for swim spa.

Oakley McKinney…Mount Juliet, TN…August 2016

I recently purchased a cover from you, referencing Quote #14264. I received it Thursday 8/11 with the crate in good condition. I did not get to install it until 8/13.

My wife loves the cover unit, so that is the “Seal Of Approval”. I filed the warranty online so you can see the pictures there.

I want to thank you for making a good quality product (actually made in the USA). And the staff I talked to during the purchasing and shipping were very nice.

Again, my wife is thoroughly pleased with the spa cover. She can easily roll the unit back by herself. As for myself, I love the quality/craftsmanship. The entire unit fits correctly and will be a benefit in keeping the mountain dust and pollen out of the spa water and I love the dome design which will be a benefit this winter when the snow arrives.

Thanks again. If I encounter other people needing a cover, I will definitely direct them to your company.

Scott Michael…Berkeley Springs, WV…August 2016

I recently purchased an end2end cover for my 19 foot PDC Swim Spa model FX-219 through my spa dealer. I am very happy with the End 2 End Cover. It is so much easier than the bulky regular cover.

Thank you,

Rich Witterschein…August 2016

It fits perfect and everything went as promised with the shipping and delivery.  Cover was packed and wrapped perfectly.  I am very pleased with the ease of use and now I can enjoy my swim spa when I want to use it without any body else around to help open the cover.

Diane Wolfe…Grand Junction, CO…May 2016

We are enjoying the end to end spa cover.  It is a great product.  We are very pleased.

David Ragsdale…College Station, TX…May 2016

Our cover arrived right on time.  Rod and I could not be more pleased with the outcome and the final product.  We are thrilled with the fit and look of the cover and it really compliments our outdoor space; a huge improvement over the ugly brown standard cover.
Thank you for your exceptional service and superior product.  We look forward to enjoying our E2E Swim Spa cover for years to come.
Rod & Bethany Dones…USA…March 2016
Excellent. I can’t believe I fought with 2 sets of the old traditional covers for 8 years. And the E2E does well in wind, and snow on top didn’t melt showing great insulation.
Frank Bowne…Davidsonville, MD…March 2016

This is an absolutely superb product.  Very happy with the decision. It looks great and will likely be the last one we will buy. The “flapper cover” folks don’t really make things to take sunlight and their products are nowhere near as easy to use and visibly pleasing as the cover I got. Our sales person was great he talked me through everything and searched hard to get the dimensions right – it fits perfectly. Again, a great experience. I would recommend the company to anyone.

Dr. Frank Curran…Alabama USA…February 2016

Excellent packing and delivery. Cover went on as per directions and fit is excellent. Overall I would say you all did a great job and delivered exactly what you promised. Not sure I could ask for more.

Capt. Charles  Carey…San Diego, CA…February 2016

I can’t say enough good things about my new cover!! It was the perfect answer! I go in my swim spa twice as much now!

Sue Ross…Arizona, USA…January 26th, 2016
Love this E2E Cover. My two-piece cover always was a challenge to keep heat in and dirt out. Problem now solved. Many thanks.

Bonnie Norman…USA…January 4, 2016

I am very very pleased with all aspects of this cover, from order, to shipment, and installation.  So much easier to remove and replace than original cover.  Thank you for such a high quality product and outstanding customer service.

Sally Doan…December 16, 2015…Georgia USA

Wow! What an beautifully engineered cover.  Easy to use and totally efficient!

Mr. David Leiter…Olympia,WA…December 2nd, 2015

The cover is fantastic! Thank you so much for being there as a manufacturer and marketer.

Dennis Yutani…Henderson Nevada…November 23, 2015

Cover on and perfect fit, I’m absolutely delighted. Thanks Andrew

Julie Gunn…Australia…November 9th, 2015

Cover received and installed yesterday. No problems at all.  Thanks for the detailed instructions. The cover is pretty easy to  roll on and off.  Very satisfied so far.
Mr. Robert VanGorder… Acworth, GA… October 8th,  2015

The cover arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to install using your instructions.  We are very happy with how it fits our pool and how easy it is to use.  We will certainly use our pool much more often because now one person can get the cover on and off easily.  Thank you!
Mrs. Kelley Gleason…Indiana, USA…October 6th 2015

Easy to roll by me even from the outside. I am delighted and now will enjoy swimming. Thanks

Ms Mari Evans…Washington, USA…September 28th, 2015

The people at E2E were very knowledgeable and efficient at every step of the way.  Thank you all. We love the new cover, makes the whole experience that much better now that it opens and closes much easier than with the old folders. Thank you all.
James Verrier…Germanton, NC…September 8th, 2015

We got our Masterspa H2X Swimspa in 2007. Since retiring in 2010 I use it everyday. It was getting harder & harder for my husband to open the old style cover with lift bars. Installed your cover on the 21st in time for my birthday last Friday. Wow… 6 days in & what a difference! We already love it.
Claudine & John Kelly…Orangevale, CA…May, 26 2015

It was delivered in good condition and fits perfectly. Thx
Ken Harrison…Bellingham, WA…May 22nd 2015

We love it!!! So easy to roll!!
Susan Brewer…San Diego, CA…May 11th, 2015

We got the cover and have installed it. WE LOVE IT!

Thank you for convincing me to buy your cover. In short, my wife and I love it.
You made me feel comfortable with your meticulous handling of every question I had…and functionally, you solved the problem that so many have with traditional covers.
I am sure that my experience over time will be as good as it was to receive and start using the product.
Thanks again,
David Atadan… Chadds Ford, PA…April 27, 2015

The cover looks great! Real high quality and strong.
Dan Marks…New Jersey, USA…April 16, 2015

At this point I can attest to the following:
Your ordering process is excellent. The cover was shipped on time.
The shipping carrier was on time and helpful. The quality of the cover is excellent.
The heater does not keep running to keep the temperature at the set point–in fact we had to decrease the set temp point when we use it for exercising.
And your sending me a confirmation that my warranty was received is yet another example of your quality processes.
Again thank you-Jenni Lee Robins
Jenni Lee Robins…March 9th, 2015

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy our End 2 End Pool Cover. We are over 70 years old and my wife and I both use the partially rolled up cover to aid in our getting into our Master Spa H2X Trainer 14. It is so easy to roll up from inside the pool. We live in Maryland and are having an extremely cold winter. We are holding at an 88 pool temp and the interior heat from the pool does not migrate to the outside of the pool cover. I want to thank you for explaining the benefits of your product and ultimately encouraging me to purchase and recommend it to our pool supplier.
Dale Norfolk, Maryland. USA…February 19, 2015.

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I LOVE your cover! So easy to remove and put back on, looks professional, extremely well made! Thank you for your help!
Tricia Kimmel…Coleman, TX…February 13, 2015

The cover was easy to install, robust and pleasant looking, and extremely easy to use as well as being space saving as it rolls back easily sitting on the end of the pool. Its insulating properties are superb, so we need to use minimum power to keep the heat stable. It has been a pleasure to deal with your company.
B Gratt…United Kingdom…February 10, 2015

It is a great product and perfect for our outdoor pool in the Pacific Northwest!!
Larry Dittloff…Olympia, Washington January 27, 2015

Thank you so very much…I really love your product and will be very happy to recommend you to anyone I might be able to. Happy New Year and thanks again.
Beverly Malcolm…Texas, USA January 7, 2015

Thank you! It’s just what we needed to make winter swimming possible.
Jennifer Norton…Washington, USA December 13, 2014

I wanted to let you know that the swim spa cover is awesome! We love how easy it is to roll back and it just tucks away unlike those big cumbersome monstrous pads we had!
Rob Muenkel…New York, USA December 12, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that the E2E Cover arrived and we installed it. Everyone is very happy with it. Many Thanks!
Alan Weinstock, General Contractor…Irvine, California November 12, 2014

I love the E2E Cover! So easy to roll by myself and looks great too!
Anita Trindle…USA November 12, 2014

Having had the E2E Cover for nearly a week I can honestly say I am thrilled with it. I can put it on and off on my own without having to bother Kevin and I can be spontaneous about when I want to have a dip.
Jacky…France October 24, 2014

I delivered and installed the first E2E swim spa cover today and to sum it up in one word “awesome”. The E2E Cover is better than I could have imagined and the customer was very pleased, especially after having struggled with the standard covers.
Simon Underwood…Simply Spas, France October 17, 2014

We are very happy with the cover!…Cheers Thomas
Good morning from Switzerland…September 21, 2014

I received our swim spa cover…It looks great and it rolls on and off as easy as you said it would.
Mike Braun…Canton, Ohio…September 18, 2013

Thank you for the cover it works very well…Joe
Joseph Smith…Pasadena, Maryland…September 2, 2014

Cover looks good and Vanesa is able to operate by herself. Thank you!
Mr. Harry Guenther…San Diego, California…June 30, 2014

Your cover is very innovative. Many thanks… Axel
Axel Lagerborg…United Kingdom…April 23, 2014

It is very easy to unroll. It is definitely superior to the original cover and we are glad that we bought it.
Perry Pattiz… Mechanical Engineer, California, USA…April 21, 2014

It was simple to install. I was surprised how easy it was to roll the cover open and closed all by myself.
Tony Carlson…Oregon Coast, USA…April 17, 2014

The cover fits great and it is way easier for me to use than the big, heavy foam tops, so I am very glad I got it. Thank you.
Janet Jorgenson…North Dakota, USA   April 2, 2014

Thanks we really like our new cover! The old one was difficult to slide on and off but this one rolls easily. Excellent product.
Alister Dopp…Heber City, Utah…February 2, 2014

Very happy with the new cover…We have been using or end 2 end cover for 6 months and love it. We have recommended it to our pool MFR and Installer.
David & Barb Potena…Pennsylvania, USA…December 31, 2013

We love our new cover… It’s just what we were looking for. It makes it so much easier to use. Thank you so much for your invention!
Joe & Donna Meadows…Virginia, USA…April 26, 2013

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