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The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of The Swim Spa

Whether you swim professionally or in your leisure, the swim spa is a wonderful addition to your home. The swim spa combines the best qualities of a regular swimming pool and hot tub to provide you with the perfect place to swim and relax. However, the benefits of the swim spa don’t end there! One of the best features that the swim spa has to offer is just how eco-friendly it is compared to the average pool and hot tub.


Less Chemicals!

Unlike pools, swim spas typically come with their own purification system and only need a very small amount of chlorine in order to keep it clean. With less chemical use, you can fully relax and enjoy the water without fear of chemicals or bacteria making you sick. Not to mention, that is less chemicals that are being spilled into the ground or evaporated into the air.


Less Water!

Swim spas come in customized sizes to suit your needs. This often means that less water is needed to fill the area rather than if you were to have a pool. Size aside, swim spas are less likely to lose water with a well made End 2 End Swim Spa Cover. This means it takes less water to keep your swim spa filled at all times.


Less Energy!

The swim spa uses less energy than your average pool. After much research and hard work, the swim spa is remarkable in its design which has made it much more energy efficient than its competitors. With less energy being wasted, this not only benefits the environment, but your wallet as well.

You know what else helps your swim spa stay eco-friendly? The End 2 End Swim Spa Cover! Our revolutionary covers keep bugs out and warmth in. This allows for less maintenance to keep your swim spa clean and reduces the amount of water and energy used. Call End 2 End Swim Spa Covers today to see how our easy to use, energy efficient covers can help protect your swim spa for years to come!

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