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Exercises For Your Therapy Pool To Help Relieve Pain

Cal Spas with End 2 End CoverMany people throughout the world suffer from pain in one form or another. Various workers have to sit down for the majority of their day, which doesn’t sound all bad, but the back, neck, and shoulders can become extremely stiff during this time. If you are experiencing these types of issues, a therapy pool, also commonly referred to as a swim spa, can prove to be a lucrative investment. The tub can be used for far more than just exercising though, and on occasion, owners use them to entertain guests. It gives visitors a place to relax and take a load off after eating some delicious barbecue.

This therapy pool can be a location for promoting strong bonds with your significant other, or kiddos, and it helps you create cherished memories that are priceless. Going for a dip in the refreshing water before bed may even help people sleep better at night. Soaking seems to just melt the stress from the day away. The therapy pool jets massage different areas of the body, but owners can consider doing different exercises when they are unwinding to relieve their aches too.


1. Walking

Walking forward and backward in the swim spa works out the legs. The water against your body creates resistance, and a person can feel the burn in their calves or thighs, without overexerting the hips and knees. If you need to make your routine slightly more strenuous, consider adding floats or weights. This simple task helps burn calories, build muscle, and keeps the body in shape to handle the effects of your daily grind. Workouts don’t have to be overly complicated to be beneficial to your health. Keep moving around and keep your achy symptoms at bay.


2. Knee To Chest Exercises

Stand on one leg, next to the wall of your therapy pool, so that you have somewhere to hold onto for balance. Stretch the other leg out in front of you, and begin bringing it up to your chest. These movements build strength in different areas of the body, like the back and calves, and they can even help reduce joint pain.


3. Swimming

No list of exercises for a therapy pool would be complete without including swimming. Front, back, butterfly, and countless other strokes increase stamina along with endurance. The actions help build strong muscles in the arms, legs, back, and torso. Regardless of whether you sit in a cubicle, deliver packages, or stand in an assembly line all day, a swim spa gives you the ability to workout at any time and stay in shape.

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