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The Water Benefit

The Water BenefitThey say that water is life.  People, plants, and animals need it to survive.  Water is powerful; energy companies can harness its strength and run the lights and more in large cities and counties.  Water is tranquil.  There is peace that can be found in sitting by a bubbling stream, listening to the ocean waves, or gazing at a waterfall.

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You’re Never Too Old To Swim

You’re Never Too Old To SwimAs a low-impact exercise, everyone has heard that swimming can provide a multitude of health benefits.  Surrounded by water, it can be easier to balance and this makes it excellent for older people who are not as steady on their feet as they once were.  Plus, the fear of falling becomes non-existent since there is no place to fall; this can build a confidence that makes the experience more enjoyable.

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