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Aqua Therapy: The Modern Revolution of Athletic Training and Rehabilitation

Athletic Training

Water workouts are a great way for athletes to train. Your swim spa can become a great place to build your fitness and safeguard against injuries. Aqua Therapy: The Modern Revolution of Athletic Training and Rehabilitation.

Water fitness has many benefiting including reducing your weight by 10% to allow for higher intensity without the additional wear and tear. You can work out more often with a swim spa for several days in a row with a reduced risk of injury.

Here are a few examples of water fitness training:

Hamstring curls: Standing on one leg and perform a curl with the opposite leg. Alternate legs while holding your standing position. Then, add forward and backward walking. If you wish to make this a plyometric (jumping) exercise, add a jump while alternating instead of standing still.

Stick swing: Using a bat, golf club, racket or hockey stick (or other sports-related stick) in one hand, move the object as you would in sport through the water. Alternate your strokes. Use forehand and backhand. Swing the object through the water left and right, practice your movements in the water.

Traditional running form: Coordinate your arms and leg movements as you would if you were running or marching on a track. Make sure you whole body (head, shoulders, hips and feet) are all vertically aligned.


Aquatic therapy is great for rehabilitation, but it is also great for training and conditioning. Aquatic physical therapy is designed to maintain or improve:

  • Bodily function
  • Endurance
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Agility
  • Posture stabilization
  • Relaxation

And much more. The unique properties associated with the aquatic environment cause patients across ages and fitness levels to experience enhanced interventions that helped them improve physically. Interventions used in aquatic therapies may include:

  • Breathing Strategies
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Functional Training
  • Manual Therapy


As with any physical activity exercise safety and precaution in your aquatic routines. Keep your swim spas clean and ready to use. Use a End 2 End Swim Spa Cover to cover, insulate and protect your swim spas when not in use. Take a look at our easy to use rolling covers today!

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