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Out With The Old Cover And In With The New

Out With The Old Cover And In With The NewAhhh…its early morning and the sun is up. What a perfect morning to make use of your swim spa for a brisk bit of invigorating exercise. You remove the cover and …yuck. You spot a rodent doing the dead-mans-float in your spa. That cheap old spa cover got you again; it has never fit well or covered the whole length of the spa.

Hmm…what a beautiful night! This would be a perfect time to relax in the bubbly waters, letting the stress of the day melt away so that you can get a good night’s sleep. But wait. That old clunky spa cover takes two people to remove it and everyone else in the house is asleep; so much for a good night.

Winter has come, but you have been looking forward to slipping in to your hot spa all day. You put on your robe and head out to the spa, only to find that the snow load from last week has sunk your cover! Looks like some covers just can’t withstand the weather.

Finally, as you look out the window at your spa, it hits you. Didn’t that spa cover used to be a bright green? After the sun has done its job, you are left with a faded and cheap looking cover. Let you neighbors see that and they might wonder why you’d keep such an ugly old cover on such a beautiful spa.

Maybe it’s time to look for a new spa cover. End2End can help.

Full Coverage

It’s not just a gimmick; our spa covers really do fit from one end of your spa to the other. No more open areas where creatures can fall in. The one-piece cover design creates a complete seal on-top of the shell. This also means that you won’t lose heat like you can with those old bi-fold sewn hinges or Velcro seamed brands.

Ease of Use

E2E spa covers are a cinch to remove, and replace, without enlisting the help of a small army. The one-person removable design lets you roll the cover up, from either end, quickly and easily so that you can enjoy the spa at anytime.

Weather Resistant

Our spa covers are built to withstand the weight of a load of snow as they are made with strong, quality materials. Each one is UV resistant so they won’t fade in the sun; your blues will stay as bright as the sea and your greens will stay as vibrant as the forest.
We have a beautiful selection of covers in many colors and in sizes up to 20 feet. Let us customize your spa today so that you can swim and soak with less worry.

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