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6 Reasons To Buy A E2E Swim Spa Cover

E2E-Brown-300x225A swim spa cover does more than just to keep the bugs and leave out your water. It also provides safety, keeps out unwanted guests and lowers your energy bills. The perfect cover is all you need when it comes to maintaining the health of your swim spa. And we’ve got you covered! Protect your investment with this must-have. These are six reasons you should purchase a End 2 End Swim Spa Cover for your swim spa.

  1. Slow Down Water Evaporation
    The sun’s rays heat your swim spa causing your precious water to evaporate into the air when left uncovered. A swim spa cover will slow down or even stop evaporation by covering the water so that it is unexposed to the sun’s hot rays.
  2. Cut Down On Chemicals
    Dry red eyes and a chlorine smell so strong it burns your nostrils and nose hairs. You can often smell chemicals from afar. You can reduce the chemicals you use cleaning and maintaining your swim spa by adding a swim spa cover. It can reduce your use of chemicals by 35-60 percent.
  3. Retain Heat
    When you cover up your heated swim spa at night, you reduce heat loss. Additionally, if you do not have a heated swim spa and require the sun to heat up your water, a cover will enable you keep it warm enough to swim in the next day. Dramatically reduce heat loss overnight.
  4. Keep Out Unwanted Yard Debris and Animals
    Without a cover, you are likely to experience a number of items and sometimes even animals in the water. Leaves, twigs, dead insects, shedding of the neighbor’s trees will all end up in your water leading you to do more cleaning and maintenance more often.
  5. Reduced Maintenance
    A cover makes maintaining your swim spa a whole lot easier. By keeping out all of the extra leaves, twigs and foreign objects cleaning is quick and simple.
  6. Save Money, Cut On Energy Costs
    Buying a cover for your swim spa is almost an immediate savings on your investment. Lower your heating bills and use buy fewer chemicals by maintaining the health of your swim spa with a brand new End 2 End Swim Spa Cover.

Our revolutionary one-piece design makes a complete seal on-top of the swim spa or in-ground pool…locking in the heat, saving energy consumption and cost.
The E2E Cover design enables one person to roll the cover off the swim spa in less than 60 seconds.

Contact End 2 End Swim Spa Covers to order your new cover today!

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