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Rehab In A Swim Spa

rehab with aqua therapyRehabbing from an injury can take the wind out of your sails. Especially if you are in training for an event. But by staying active in other areas, you can stay on top of your training without losing too much ground. As long as your routine doesn’t cause any pain or make your injury worse, there are many different things you can do while rehabbing. Things that you can do at home in your swim spa include aqua-jogging and swimming.


This is just running in place in the water so that the pressure on your joints is reduced. If you have stress fractures or shin splints, this can ease your pain dramatically. Running in the water can give you a muscular activity rating that is similar to light movement on a treadmill. Hard running will burn about 550 calories an hour and treading water can burn up to 350.


Complete body support in the water is the best way to give your joints and soft tissue a break when recovering. The stroke you should use depends on where your injuries are. Avoid the breaststroke if you have knee problems, stick to the crawl for leg injuries, and use the backstroke to balance upper and lower body usage. Swim with vigor to burn 550-600 calories per hour, and slower to burn 445.

Of course, use the hot tub portion of your swim spa to soak and relax during your recovery and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

When it comes to covering your swim spa, you’ll need one that is easy to use. You can open your End 2 End cover and close it on your own without causing more stress to your inured body part. Plus, the cover won’t absorb water like the old foam cores that get so heavy you can barely get them off. At E2E, we know the benefits of aqua therapy, from rehabbing injuries to rehabbing the mind. We know that fitness is important to you, so it is our mission to make the best swim spa covers available. It’s the best swim spa cover you’ll ever own.

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