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Why You Need To Cover Up Your Swim Spa

2016_4_10You finally decided to do something for yourself; something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. You finally purchased a swim spa.

A swim spa is a wonderful addition to your home and an excellent way to get more fitness into your life. A hot tub on one side lets you relax and meditate, while a swim spa on the other side lets you get in a good cardiovascular workout without busting out the treadmill.

Yes, a swim spa has many benefits that you will continue to enjoy for years to come. Be sure to take care of your spa by purchasing a good cover. A secure fitting swim spa cover can:

  • Prevent unwanted access and accidental drownings
  • Save you money on heating costs
  • Keep dirt, leaves, and debris out
  • Stop the evaporation of water and chemicals
  • Protect your investment year round

When shopping for a swim spa cover, you’ll find that there are many types out there. How do you decide what type of cover to purchase? Look for:

  • A one-piece design that creates a complete and tight seal all the way around the spa
  • An easy-to-use cover that is designed so that only one person is needed to open it
  • UV protection that will not fade in sunlight and a heavy construction that can hold snow
  • Dual-direction rolling so you can open one side at a time if desired
  • A durable design that won’t absorb water and break down in the elements

E2E covers are energy efficient and easy to open by one person; even in tight spaces. As opposed to the standard bi-fold, foam core covers of the past, our covers won’t get heavily water logged or break down. Plenty of UV protection keeps our covers looking good for years. What more can we say? Choose the best and keep your swim spa functioning smoothly and efficiently for as long as you own it.

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