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Aqua Therapy For Asthma

Mary AttigDo you or some you love suffer from asthma? Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that can make breathing difficult. Symptoms include:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Decreased ability to speak (sometimes)

Asthma affects millions of people and is a serious disease. However, thanks to modern medical advancements, asthma symptoms can be controlled and most people can live well with the condition. Poorly managed asthma can result in lots of visits to the ER and limit how you live, work, and play.


Though you might not believe it, regular exercise is very beneficial to those with asthma as it can reduce the frequency of attacks, improve heart health, and increase physical endurance. The trouble is, in some asthmatic people, exercise can trigger attacks. So how does a person with asthma get the exercise they need to help their symptoms if the exercise actually induces them? The answer is swimming.

Why Swimming?

  • Moist Air. Water based exercise is good for people with asthma as they will be breathing warm, humid air that often has less allergens. This moist air is considered to be lung-friendly and does not irritate the airways like cold, dry air does. When swimming indoors, it can cut the exposure to outdoor allergens such as pollen and mold spores.
  • Good Cardio. Swimming is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness in those who are serious about their health. For those who suffer from asthma, it might be the best way. Since doing cardio in cooler, drier, air can trigger flare ups, it’s often cut short or not done at all. When done in the warm air, participants can exercise for longer.
  • Lung Function. In one study on teenagers under 19, swim training improved lung function and heart fitness in all of the subjects and showed no negative effects or flare-ups. Another study of adults 65 and over showed that swimming for 6 months improved their lung function and decreased airway reactivity.

Swim Spa Time

If you or a family member suffers from asthma, consider getting your own at-home swim spa. Installing it indoors is the best way to reap the benefits and reduce allergens. But even an outdoor swim spa can be effective as the water you breathe in is heated and moist. An excellent way to improve your health and keep you asthma symptoms under control.

Under Cover

Remember that your swim spa needs a cover. This will not only protect it from dirt and debris, it will keep the temperature mild and warm so that you can remove the cover and get to work. But some of the covers out there are difficult to maneuver and you might even get exhausted just by removing it on your own.

End 2 End swim spa covers are so easy to open that you can do it all by yourself and not worry about running out of breath before you even begin. With several sizes to choose from, you’ll have your swim spa covered perfectly with no gaps. See what we have to offer now so you’ll be ready when your swim spa arrives. Here’s to your good health!

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