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Why Swimming As A Therapy

Why Swimming As A TherapyWhether you’ve been recently been injured or have a medical condition, physical therapy is important to getting healthy and easing pain. As much as it may frustrate you at first, physical therapy is a key part of the healing process and allows you gain the functions you have lost.

One of the best types of physical therapy practices is swimming. Swimming is a low impact fitness that allows you the move and heal without the risk of worsening your symptoms and provides you with a large amount of benefits as well.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using water as your form of therapy.

Improved cardiovascular endurance

Swimming laps back and forth makes for great cardiovascular activity. However, depending on your condition, you may not feel very up for that just yet. That’s okay! Even taking a nice walk around the pool or swim spa is excellent for cardiovascular excercise.

Increased motor planning and coordination

In order to swim laps or learn new strokes, you need to make a coordinated effort of your arms, legs, trunk, neck, and head. This allows you improve your ability to move every part of your body as one despire the different movements required of each part.

Decreased impact on joints

Due to the buoyant properties of the water, it is easily able to absorb a certain amount of our body weight which usually adds pressure on to the joints. This is what allows people of all ages to equally enjoy water excercises and sports. For the same reason, swimming is great as physical therapy. The decreased impact on the joints and body allows you to move more easily without causing pain or discomfort while your healing.

Sensory input of the whole body

Water touches all areas of the body while your submerged, this allows you to improve your sense of body awareness. As you move the various parts of your body, you receive instant feedback of where they are in relation to the rest of your body.

Muscle tone regulation

By altering the normal tempature of the water, you can help relax the muscles in your body. This allows you to easily stretch and ease any aches and pains.

The best way to get the most out of your physical therapy is to have it directly in your home with the swim spa! The indoor swim spa combines the fun of the pool and the comfort of a hot tub.

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