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5 Reasons You Need A Cover

5 Reasons You Need A CoverHave you ever wondered if covering your swim spa was really necessary? Some people take their chances, even in the wintertime, and leave their swim spa open, uncovered, and vulnerable to the elements. Though this works for some people, regardless of the lack of coverage, there are still several reasons why covering your swim spa is more than just a good idea.

1. Water Conservation. They are filled with water; water evaporates. When you leave your swim spa uncovered, you will lose some water to evaporation every day. This means that you’ll need to keep filling up your spa to keep the water levels optimal. Not only does that take up your time, it also uses more water, which is terrible if you live in drought area, or if you are worried about conservation. Why not decrease your carbon footprint and use a cover?

2. Keeps it Cleaner. When you leave your swim spa uncovered, you leave it open to anything and everything. Squirrels and other small animals can easily step up to explore your large water offering, only to fall in and meet a bad ending. Plus, you’ll then need to clean it and sanitize it, which can take a bit of time. Even if you remain rodent-free, you still have to worry about bugs, leaves, and debris that not only look gross, but can clog up your filter. Plus, who wants to spend time cleaning when you can be swimming or relaxing?

3. Retains Heat. A cover keeps in the natural heat of the sun. This will keep your water temperature comfortable without using extra energy to heat the swim spa. Even when the weather is hot, swim spas can get very cold in the night air. If you use a cover, less heat escapes at night, making for better swimming the next day. If you have a heated swim spa, you can still conserve energy by using the natural heat of the sun.

4. Saves money. Once again, a swim spa cover conserve water and heat and this can save you money in energy costs. Plus, using a swim spa cover can help you cut down on your chemical bill by reducing your spa’s chemical consumption by up to 60%. Investing in a good swim spa cover now will definitely save you money in the long run.

5. Easy to use. When a swim spa cover is easy to use, why would you not want to use it? End 2 End swim spa covers are so easy to use, one person is all it takes to uncover the swim spa. No more waiting until a second person comes home to use your swim spa; no more calling your neighbor over to help you uncover the swim spa. E2E lets you do it all on your own, which can make for a much more relaxing experience!

Now you know why covering your swim spa is important. Of course, if you like to waste your money and your time, feel free to walk on the wild side and leave your investment uncovered. But if you want to take care of the things that you work hard for, consider shopping for a quality cover.

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