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Swim Spa For Sensory Issues

Swim Spa For Sensory IssuesSensory Processing Disorder is a type of mental illness that effects someone’s ability to receive normal sensory inputs. This often makes certain types of sensory input such as audiotory overwhelming. Children with Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD can find a lot of activities frustrating and unhelpful to their needs. However, there is one activity that is wonderful for those with SPD and its called swimming.

Swimming is great for for children with SPD because it allows them to receive the sensory input they need in a gentle way and gain more awareness over their body. Using swimming as a regular activity can even improve their ability to handle sensory input both in and outside the water.

Though you can easily take your child to the public pool, you may want to reconsider and instead get a swim spa for your home. Taking your SPD child to the public pool or other public swimming area may come with some problems and prevent your child from fully benefiting from the water.


Some children with SPD have a hard time handling the feel of cold water. Though some pools are heated, you can’t always be sure. This may cause your child to avoid the water entirely. With a swim spa of your own, you can easily control the temperature of the water for your child’s comfort and needs.

Loud Noises And Movement

The pool and other public swimming areas are often filled with children running and squealing around. However, for a child with auditory processing issues this can be overwhelming and may provoke anxiety. Even the constant movement of other adults and children may prove to be more than they can handle. By getting a swim spa, your child will be able to enjoy the water with the peace and quiet they need.


Chlorine water has a strong smell and even lake water often comes with a distinct oder that might make some SPD children uncomfortable. However, with the swim spa less chemicals are needed making it a less fragent experience for your child. It also allows you to have more control over what kind of chemicals are used and how much.

Don’t forget to keep your investment covered!

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