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Swimming Is Great For Physical Therapy

End 2 End CoverWater therapy can take many different forms. It can be a relaxing soak in a hot tub or spa that opens up your pores and unkinks your muscles. It can be a few minutes spent floating in a pool and meditating as the water takes your weight. It can also be a more direct form of therapy that helps people with serious injuries recover the ability to walk and move the way they did before.

Physical therapy is an essential part of any injury treatment. It comes in all different shapes and sizes thanks to all the different injuries and illnesses a person can suffer from, but it all boils down to retraining body parts to responding the way you need them to and strengthening the muscles and tendons that tend to weaken and stiffen when you can’t use a limb for weeks or months.

Water-based physical therapy helps because it makes it possible for patients to move their arms and legs with much less effort. Human bodies are mostly water, and so when we swim the water holds us up and makes us feel nearly weightless. This lets patients stretch and use their muscles in ways that would be much harder and more painful on dry land. At the same time, water offers enough resistance that you can still work out and build muscle mass until you can eventually start exercising out of the water.

Water-based physical therapy also helps with chronic conditions like arthritis and permanent injuries. It can’t undo the damage completely, but it can slow the condition’s progress and help patients regain some of their lost mobility. For those with long-term mobility conditions like this, a swim spa makes an excellent investment, especially since it’s often harder to get out of the house.

Something else that can help is getting a swim spa cover that’s easier to remove than the basic bi-fold foam cover. End 2 End Swim Spa Covers are lighter and thinner than the standard cover, and you can roll them up one segment at a time instead of folding half the cover over at once. For swim spa owners with mobility issues, the fact that our covers are more durable and efficient too is just icing on the cake.

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