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How To Know When You Need To Replace Your Pool Cover

Pool and swim spa covers are crucial to keeping your investment safe with dirt, debris and unpleasant insects. However, prolonged use can eventually wear down the cover’s ineffectiveness. There are many reasons why a pool or swim spa cover may end up getting worn down from exposure to chemicals to the need for timely maintenance. Here are a few tips on how to make sure your cover is doing its job or if it needs replacing.

Beware Of The Wear And Tear

The fabric of the cover can breakdown over time due to any number of reasons. The constant temperature variations lead to cracks and peelings. Pool chemicals and ultraviolet light also can have long-term adverse effects on covers. Peeling and weak spots on the cover are common and may be responsible for water and other unwanted things such as dirt and debris from seeping through the surface.

Feel The Fabric

A new pool cover’s fabric is often malleable and supple. If you touch the fabric and feel it to be brittle and stiff, it is probably time to replace it. Still pool fabric is more susceptible to the wear and tear mentioned above.

Look At The Sewn Webbing

Often, pool covers contain sewn threads that will become frayed, cut, or will even disintegrate over time. This can lead to holes and cover failure. So if you observe any loose or cut threads that compromise the cover it is time for a new one.

Even with the best cover care around, not all pool and swim spa covers can endure the wear and tear of use. That is why you shouldn’t just purchase any old cover for your pool or swim spa. Get yourself an End 2 End Swim Spa Cover for top cover quality you just cannot get anywhere else.

Our covers are custom made so they can easily fit most swim spas or pools. Not to mention these durable covers are better able to seal off your pool from unwanted debris and can be easily rolled on or off by a single person. Shouldn’t you be protecting your pool or swim spa with the best quality covers around?

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