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3 Good Reasons Why You Should Get In The Water

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Get In The WaterSwimming is a sport and activity that anyone can enjoy. However, many athletes and adults believe that swimming is strictly for child’s play or just for a little summer fun. Though it is that as well, there are several reasons why you should be hopping in the water and enjoying a good swim. In fact, we could go on and on about the benefits and unique qualities of swimming, but let’s shorten it down to 3 for the time being.

1. Heart Helper

Swimming can provide an unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning as long as you practice consistently with good technique. While other kinds of exercise can be more effective at elite levels, such as running or cycling, incorporating swimming into the mix can allow you to an overall improved fitness with less risk of injury.

2. Balancing Muscle Build

When you are running, only your legs really get the workout. Or when you are lifting those heavy weights, it is your arms that are getting the most action. However, swimming works a little differently. Unlike any other sport or activity out there, swimming provides all of your muscles with an equal amount of use at the same time. Whether you are doing laps in the pool or are enjoying a good water walking, all of your muscles are in use thanks to the natural resistance of water.

3. Increased Endurance

Swimmers that were able to swim longer were also able to sustain doing other activities for a longer period of time. Unlike running or other activities that require speedy bursts of energy, swimming allows you to enjoy a long and constant flow of energy which can benefit your own daily endurance.

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