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5 Common Swimming Myths

5 Common Swimming MythsChances are, you have probably heard a few of these commonly known swimming myths. Sometimes these inaccurate ‘facts’ get tossed around so much that you can’t help, but believe it is true. That is why we are going to clear up a few of the myths you have been hearing for years.

MYTH 1: You Don’t Need To Keep Hydrated While Swimming!

Completely false! Being in the water is not the same as drinking it and we wouldn’t recommend drinking the pool or lake water either. So when you are headed to the pool or local lake, make sure to bring a bottle of water or two with you to keep yourself hydrated between laps or every hour or so. This is especially important for pregnant women who are enjoying a good swim here and there.

MYTH 2: Always Wait 30 Minutes After Eating Before You Go Swimming!

We have all heard this old wives tale. The idea comes from the fact that when you eat food your blood tends to pool near the digestive track and takes it away from a crucial amount of blood from the extremities. In truth, some blood does rush to the core to aid in digestion, but there is more than enough to keep your arms and legs properly functioning. So unless you are feeling a little bloated or excessively full, you should have no problem jumping into the water.

MYTH 3: A Pool That Smells Strongly Of Chemicals It Must Be Clean!

While it may sound contrary to common sense, a treated pool that has little to no smell is actually the cleanest of them all. Pools have a heavy chemical odor are often the result of a negative chemical reaction. The mix of chlorine and contaminants releases a strong smell and has a hard time disinfecting the water as well as a properly balanced pool.

MYTH 4: I’m A Sinker, Not A Floater!

This is usually used by those that believe that only some people are meant for swimming. This is not at all true. No matter your height, weight, gender, or age, you can swim just as well as anyone else. You just need a little practice and guidance is all. That aside, all humans can float on the water without exception.

MYTH 5: If I Showered Before, I Don’t Need To Shower Before Hopping In The Water Before Swimming!

Without even knowing, microscopic residue builds up on our skin throughout the day. Oil, sweat, and other wastes cling to our skin all the time regardless of what your hygiene routine again. However, you don’t want this to easily wash off in your pool or swim spa water. As well as you may keep it clean, you still should keep up with good maintenance care.

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