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A Special Swim Spa For Special Needs

Aqua Therapy With Swim SpasWhen your child is facing a disability, a severe illness, or a developmental delay, the world stops. Little things become unimportant as you search for ways to help you child do the things that other kids can do.

Types of Therapy

For children with special needs, there are many therapeutic interventions available. Medical advancements have come a long way from the days when doctors had no idea how to help children who faced these issues. From physical therapy (which is a treatment that uses physical methods such as massage or exercise for healing), to occupational therapy (a form of therapy that uses everyday activities for rehabilitation), there are many options based on the needs of the child

For children who have autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy (just to name a few), aqua therapy has become an instrumental way for them to improve functioning in ways that go beyond therapy on land.

What Is Aqua Therapy?

Aqua therapy uses water and water-induced resistance to improve physical functioning. It helps in the rehabilitation, or even re-education, of the body. All activity happens in a pool that can be heated or non-heated, but the therapeutic temperature of the water should be between 92 and 98 degrees for optimal performance.

In a pool, the child’s body is buoyant and this makes it easier to perform activities and movements that might be more difficult (even impossible) on land. Some children are able to take their first steps in the water, gain balance skills, and improve range of motion due to less stress on the musculoskeletal system. Some of the exercises that are performed include:

  • Walking or running
  • Kicking
  • Swimming
  • Water-based Yoga
  • Water-based tai chi

Exercises are supervised and designed to a child’s capabilities, starting slowly and increasing gradually as the child builds strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Mental Benefits

Water has been known for its restorative and detoxifying benefits for ages and the warmth can have an amazing effect on muscles, joints, and ligaments. Yet, the mental benefits of aqua therapy are just as important as the physical ones. Using the pool can improve a child’s self-esteem as they master different skills in the water. Other psychological benefits include:

  • Empowerment
  • Confidence
  • Relaxation
  • Comfort
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Increased socialization

Aqua therapy should be performed by a licensed therapist, typically a physical or occupational therapist, who is certified to meet your child’s needs. Though aqua therapy can be provided at a facility, such as a rehabilitation hospital or center, there are home-based options as well.

Home Swim Spa

A home swim spa is the perfect setting to help your child master goals in the privacy of your own backyard, basement, garage, or wherever your swim spa is set up. You have the control over the water temperature and the environment. Some children with special needs can get anxious in a public place with too much stimulation from lighting, noise, and other people. Those with sensory processing disorder can shut down in a setting that is too overwhelming. Why not give them a place of their own where learning can be low-key and less stressful? As a parent, you’ll do anything to see your child succeed in the world and aqua therapy can lead to that success.

The Perfect Cover

Be sure that your swim spa is well taken care of by purchasing a cover that is made for ease. E2E Swim Spa Covers are easy on, easy off. The technology allows for one-person use so you’ll be able to get the therapy stared without wrestling with your old foam-core bi-fold dinosaur. Take a look at the covers we have to offer; you won’t be disappointed.

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