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3 Mistakes You Want To Avoid With Your New Swim Spa

Basic Swim Spa MaintenanceAs nice as owning a swim spa is, it still needs the right care and maintenance to keep your swim spa running for a long time. After all, you don’t want to leave your investment unprotected right? That is why we listed the 3 all too common mistakes for you to avoid so you can continue enjoying your swim spa.

1. Using Normal Household Cleaning Products

This is the most commonly made mistake of the bunch. Though the specialist cleaners cost more than a standard household cleaner. These household cleaners are made from a variety of different chemicals, some of which can react with the acrylic lining of the inside, causing damage to your unit. This is not ideal, but it isn’t the worst thing about using normal household products.

The chemicals in swim spa formulated cleaning products are chemically formulated to work with the chemicals that are used in your water. Household cleaning products are not. More often than you would think, household products react with each other creating toxic gasses. For example, mixing bleach and vinegar can create a toxic chlorine gas which can be incredibly lethal.

This can be the same for your own swim spa water and chemical mixture when mixing with cleaning products. Never use anything except dedicated cleaning products when cleaning.

2. The Wrong Water Temperature

Keeping your swim spa water too cold can cause a slight freezing of the water, which causes damage to the internal parts. On the other hand keeping it too hot makes the spa a breeding ground for bacteria which can result in a smelly smell that no one enjoys.

3. Not Covering Your Swim Spa

Just because your swim spa is under an umbrella or inside does not mean you can just leave it uncovered. All kinds of dirt and debris can easily settle into the swim spa. Not only can this cause mechanical issues with your swim spa over time, but it is pretty unhygienic as well.

All the more reason for you to protect your investment with one of our top of the line End 2 End Swim Spa Covers! These durable covers are UV-resistant and form a tight seal over your swim spa to keep in heat and keep out all those nasty bugs and debris. If that wasn’t great enough, our swim spa covers are also easy to use and can help you cut down on energy costs.

Contact us today to learn more about how our End 2 End Swim Spa Covers can keep your swim spa in great working condition!

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