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Swim Spa Or In-Ground Pool?

You know that you love to swim. You know that you have always planned on having at pool at home once you purchased a house. Now the time has come to make a decision on what kind to purchase, and you couldn’t be more clueless.

Things to consider before you decide what kind of pool to purchase:

  • Lot size/Space. If you plan on having an in-ground or large above ground pool installed, consider that this might take up your entire lot or yard. A swim spa is significantly smaller and can be installed even indoors.
  • Cost. In-ground pools can cost a lot of money, from the pool itself to the cost of the energy needed to maintain it. And if you want to have an indoor pool, the numbers are even higher. Swim spas are the same price for an indoor or an outdoor placement. They use less water, fewer chemicals, and are lower on energy bills.
  • Maintenance. In-ground pools require a lot of chemicals to keep the proper pH balance. Swim spas use minimal chlorine and have natural water purification options available.
  • Usage. In-ground pools can be used for a limited season. Swim spas can be used year-round. Swimming laps in an in-ground pool require you to turn around after several strokes. A swim spa has an adjustable current that keeps you swimming until you are ready to stop.
  • Installation. In-ground pools can take months to install. Swim spas can take a few days.

The choice seems clear, but the choice is completely up to you. If you have the space and live in a climate where the pool can be open year around, you may enjoy an in-ground pool. They are often bigger, so if you like to host pool parties, this might be your best option.

Whatever kind of pool or swim spa you choose, choose a cover that will protect your investment. An End 2 End Swim Spa Cover is made of the highest quality materials to give you the best product you can find. They are strong and easy to install. There are no bi-fold hinges or Velcro seams for heat loss. And they come in a range of colors that are UV fade resistant. Whatever pool you end up with, you’ll enjoy the benefits for a long time to come.

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