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Why Do Swim Spa Covers Get Saturated?

master spas swim spa cover replacementSwim spa covers are usually a big nuisance. They are necessary because they help to cut down on energy costs and to keep your swim spa cleaner for longer, but they can be unwieldy and hard to manage. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you.

Typical Foam Core

Swim spa covers of the past have been typically made with a foam core. This foam is a squishy and absorbent material that has a tendency to absorb water. Swim spa covers come in contact with a lot of water during their daily use. There is condensation inside the swim spa from the heat rising, and then there is rain and snow (depending on the area where you live) that hits the outside of the cover.

Material On The Cover

The material that covers the traditional foam core gets exposed to the elements every single day. The number one culprit that breaks down the material is UV damage. The sun’s rays beating down on the fabric will weaken the material, leaving it susceptible to water and snow seeping through. The water that gets inside will stay inside, weighing down the foam. Depending on the fabric choice, it can also be damaged from falling debris and other sharp objects. If you have cats or other animals with claws, they can also climb up and puncture the surface, letting water get inside.

The End 2 End Difference

End 2 End Swim Spa Covers are different than traditional covers. We use state of the art technology to design a cover that won’t get weighed down with water. Our covers are made out of closed-cell foam technology. Closed-cell foam will not absorb water in any conditions, leaving it light and easy to manage. It has a full frame designed to help hold it up to snow load. The cover is protected with a UV coating that keeps the fabric intact and the cover looking good for years to come. End 2 End covers also have an easy roll-on and roll-off design, making them simple for one person to manage.

Get your free quote today and get fitted with a brand new End 2 End swim spa cover. You’ll be amazed at how easy it really is to keep and maintain your spa with a new cover, not to mention how well it works. We’ve got several sizes and colors ready for you to choose from, making it the swim spa cover of choice.

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