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Injury Recovery Using Aqua Therapy

Injury RecoveryPeople can get hurt at any time, doing just about anything. An injury to the body is as common as a rainstorm in the springtime. There are people who can throw their back out just by sneezing, and there are athletes who can pull a groin by sliding into third base. No matter how athletic you are, from couch potato to Bo Jackson in his prime, you are at risk to be injured at some point in your life.

So what do you do if you are an athlete and you become injured? Or even if you are just a person who is serious about their physical health? You can’t really afford to stop all training and sit on the couch for a week. Though rest for a time may be recommended by your doctor, you might get antsy after a while and the last thing you want is to lose all of the muscle progress that you have gained.

No matter what type of injury you have, from back to hip flexor, when your doctor says that you can begin a modified exercise program, your best bet might just be swimming.

  • Low Impact. First of all, swimming is a very low impact exercise. You can move your body and work the stiffness out of your muscles without putting strain on your recovering area.
  • Limited Weight-Bearing. When you are in the water, you are practically weightless, so you won’t be putting added pressure on your injury. Choose stroke types that will not aggravate your pain.
  • Flexibility. Swimming will improve your flexibility. This happens because you are constantly stretching your body and your muscles. As you stretch, your muscles will become loose and flexible, which is important for injury recovery.
  • Cardio Workout. Swimming is a great way to keep up on your cardio even through injury rehabilitation. You’ll stay in shape and keep active while healing.

Swim spas are an excellent place to do your daily rehab in the privacy of your own home or yard. Some swim spas have a dual purpose with a pool on one side and a hot tub on the other. Talk about the perfect place to recover from an injury! If you are on certain medications, or depending on where your injury is, you might not be able to drive to a local pool, so having your own makes sense.

Keeping your swim spa covered is very important for keeping out debris, even if the unit is inside. A cover will also help lock in the heat to keep your water at the perfect temperature when you are ready to use it. End 2 End Swim Spa Covers are user-friendly and constructed so that one person can remove it without assistance. This is extremely helpful if you have limited mobility. The E2E Cover is also designed to roll in either direction, which is perfect for the dual spa with hot tub. With all of these benefits, your injury recovery will be the easiest recovery time ever. Happy healing!

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