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Autism And Aqua Therapy Benefits

Autism And Aqua TherapyHave you heard the latest statistics on children in the United States who are born with autism? 1 child out of every 66 will be born with autism or autism spectrum disorder. Children with autism have a wide range of special needs, but fortunately there are a wide range of treatments available to help them adapt and cope with whatever challenges they face.

Autism and SI

Many children on the autism spectrum also have issues with sensory integration (SI). This means that the information that comes into their brain is not processed the same way that it is processed in the brain of a person who does not have sensory integration problems. A person with SI gets overstimulated easily and can feel extreme pain or discomfort from the slightest touch, sound, or sight that most people would not be affected by. Other people with SI might be under stimulated and not even react when they get burned by hot water or not waver at the sound of a fire engine.

Autism and Aqua Therapy

Children with autism and SI can benefit greatly from spending time in a pool. The pressure of the water on the body actually can soothe and calm them and leave them open to therapeutic intervention. Aqua therapy is used to help kids receive an appropriate amount of input without overstimulating them. Physical therapy is often performed in the water since the body is so much lighter that it reduces stress during the exercises. And children with autism are better at understanding and following directions and verbal cues when in the aquatic environment.

Just Keep Swimming

But just the act of getting into the water and swimming, or playing, is an effective tool to increase physical activity and expend energy in a positive way. This can help a child to refocus on a task when the swim session ends. Swimming relaxes the muscles and decreases stress and it can help reduce repetitive behaviors in children who display them. By using so much energy in the water, a child will often sleep better at night and even eat better at mealtime.

With so many benefits to being in the water, a spa pool is perfect for a family with a special needs child. It doesn’t require a lot of acreage and it can even be installed indoors. Yet a swim spa has all of the benefits of a full-sized pool. With a swim spa at home, a child with special needs can reap the benefits of swimming as often as possible without having to travel out to a public pool.

Take Cover

When you have a pool or spa at home, you will need to keep it covered when not in use. End 2 End swim Spa Covers are perfect for use at home and can be removed easily by one person due to its user-friendly design. This means that you won’t need to wait for another family member to come home to help you with the cover before taking a dip. When your child is ready to go, so is your swim spa. With different colors available and made to fit different spa sizes, E2E Covers will keep your spa from losing heat due to their custom design. This not only keeps your water warm for anytime use, but it can help lower energy costs. Keep your family healthy and happy with your own swim spa, and be sure that you have the best cover out there to protect your investment.

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