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Benefits of Pediatric Aquatic Therapy

New Swim Spa CoverYou hear about adults that are reaping the benefits of aquatic therapy, but were you aware that it is also beneficial for children? Pediatric Aquatic Therapy has many of the same benefits as it does for an adult. A lot of times, medical professionals find it difficult to work with younger patients that require therapy. They are less likely to respond to activities and exercises that are uncomfortable or harder for them to do. Children also have shorter attention spans than adults, and it makes it more difficult for the medical professional to go through a program to help the child without receiving a lot of resistance to the treatment being offered.

Pediatric Aquatic Therapy is a great alternative to regular physical therapy. It provides a fun environment for the child while reducing any pain or pressure they may feel during their therapy session. The warm water will help calm their nerves and anxiety and make it easier for the professional to work with them.

This form of therapy is ideal for any child, no matter their size or stature and reduces pain and discomfort while allowing them to become completely engaged in their therapy. The child can look at the therapy as a fun thing to do rather than look at it as something that must be done, whether they like it or not.

Benefits of Pediatric Aquatic Therapy:

  1. Provides a fun and stress-free environment for the child
  2. Helps ease the pain and pressure that is placed on their bodies
  3. Promotes strength, balance, and posture
  4. Helps build muscles strength in the legs while increasing upper body strength
  5. Can aid in improving the child’s mobility

Many conditions have seen these benefits due to aquatic therapy including children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, and children experiencing growth and developmental delays.

An endless pool is a great aquatic environment that a child can safely and effectively begin the road to recovery while improving their overall well-being. If you have the privilege of having an endless pool of your own, be sure to take the proper steps to ensure its maximum performance for years to come.

At End 2 End Swim Spa Covers we can help find the right cover for your endless pool that will help retain the much needed heat that the child needs during recovery while helping to reduce the electric bills that could run up to keep the water warm.

Call today to discuss your options with an End 2 End Swim Spa Cover associate today.

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