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5 Strokes You Can Practice In A Swim Spa

Hydropool Trainer A swim spa is a good way to give yourself a place to practice swimming, exercise, and then relax in a chair covered in massaging water jets.  It’s a lot cheaper than a backyard pool and easier to maintain, but the small size does make it difficult to practice certain things.  You can hardly dive into a dolphin kick in three feet of water, after all.  Still, there are plenty of other swimming methods that a swim spa is big enough to allow.

Front Crawl

This is the simple method of bringing your arms forward out of the water so you can push back when they’re below.  With your face down, it’s important to time your breaths, and while you should move your legs as you swim they’re mostly along for the ride.  The front crawl mostly targets your arms and your back, and as a fast stroke it can also improve your speed and strength.


Like the front crawl, the backstroke is all about your arms and your back.  However, the pace is slower whether you like it or not and since your head is up you’ll have no problems breathing.  This makes the backstroke a good resting stroke, but make sure you turn down the swim jets when you switch.


A proper breaststroke involves moving both the arms and legs in circular motions at the same time without breaking the surface of the water.  It’s another easy and slow stroke, and it helps the arms, legs, and chest, not to mention your coordination.


This unusual stroke demands you aim your body to the side instead of your front or back.  Like the breaststroke, you have to move your arms and legs together, but the motion is less about circles and more about lines.  This stroke lets you train the muscles on the sides of your core, but make sure you give equal time to your left and right side.

Butterfly Stroke

Like the front crawl, the butterfly has you spinning both your arms through the air, but in this case you spin both at the same time and with such speed that it lifts your chest out of the water.  It’s so fast it’s practically an anaerobic exercise, and it puts both your arms and your entire core through the ringer.

If you want to get the most out of your swim spa, you’ll need more than just a few good strokes.  You’ll also need a good cover, like the ones we make at End 2 End Swim Spa Covers.  Our covers are efficient, lockable, and easy for one person alone to roll and unroll to access the spa.  The covers may be more expensive than the standard bi-fold foam covers, but the extra durability and efficiency more than make up for the difference.

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