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A Cover Revolution: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Join It

5 Reasons You Need A CoverIf you own a swim spa, you need to cover it. You might think that you can get away without a cover since its still summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but before too long, the leaves will begin to fall and your swim spa will start looking kind of dirty.

Don’t wait until the cooler weather hits to get a spa cover; here are the top 5 reasons why you need to purchase one pronto!

5) You’ll Save Money. Everyone wants to save a little bit of money, don’t they? By covering your swim spa, you’ll lower your energy bills. An End 2 End cover creates a tight seal from one end to the other and this will hold the heat in when the unit is not in use. This means less energy required to get the water heated for use and that means lower energy costs for you.

4) You’ll Use Less Chemicals. Since your swim spa is a rather small unit, even a passing rain shower can throw the pH levels and alkalinity off balance. When that happens, you’ll need to make a chemical adjustment in order to swim safely. With a spa cover, the rain stays out and you won’t need to increase chemical usage.

3) You’ll Keep Everyone Safe. Your swim spa is smaller than a large swimming unit, but there is still a risk that a small child or an animal can find its way in; and not be able to get out. Plus, if you go away on vacation, you won’t want anyone taking a joy-swim in your spa. Our covers are manufactured with the highest quality commercial grade meaning they are strong, durable, lockable, and safe.

2) You’ll Keep It Clean. No one wants to take a vigorous swim or a relaxing soak with debris floating past them. When the leaves fall, when the insects make a wrong stop, when the wind kicks up dirt and debris, your swim spa is a target. Keeping it clean becomes a whole lot easier when you have a great cover.

1) You’ll Protect Your Investment. Your swim spa is an investment; in your health, in your relaxation, and in value to your home. Why let it get damaged by something simple such as sun exposure? When constantly exposed, the acrylic shell of your swim spa will become damaged and faded. Not only will an E2E cover keep the UV rays out, but since our covers are UV resistant themselves, they’ll stay bright and beautiful for years to come.

Get One

At End 2 End, we have a variety of sizes and colors of swim spa covers to meet your needs. Our spa covers really do fit from one end of your spa to the other, meaning that there are no open areas where anyone, or anything, can fall in. The one-piece cover design creates a complete seal on-top of the shell which will keep the heat in and the debris out.

Plus, our covers are a cinch to remove, and replace. The one-person removable design lets you roll the cover up, from either end, quickly and easily so that you can enjoy the spa at any time.

Let us customize your spa today so that you can swim and soak with less worry.

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