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4 Reasons Why Swimming Is Great For Seniors

4 Reasons Why Swimming Is Great For SeniorsAs you get older, it can become critical to maintain a fit and healthy body. However, it can feel like this is easier said than done. Fret no longer! Swimming is a wonderful way for all ages to stay healthy and fit with ease. Here are just 4 reasons why your age shouldn’t keep you out of the water!

  1. Better Heart HealthAs an aerobic exercise, swimming helps your heart become larger, stronger, and more efficient at pumping blood throughout your body. Regular aerobic exercise not only reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, it also lowers inflammation in the arteries.
  2. Easy On JointsSadly, many seniors will often find themselves with bodily aches and pains. However, most of these can all come down to your joints. Exercises like jogging only put extra pressure on your joints and thus greatly increase the pain that comes with it. With swimming, your body is supported by the water which means there is much less pressure on your joints while you exercise.
  3. Increased FlexibilityThough stretching exercises are often the most effective way to improve and maintain strong flexibility, swimming can help a lot too! Why should you care about being flexible? Improved flexibility has proven to reduce back pain, better posture, and give you a lower rate of injuries.
  4. Improved Mental HealthAlong with all of the physical health benefits, there is mental health benefits as well. Studies have shown that swimming and other exercises help to relieve stress and improve your mood levels. Not to mention that swimming is an activity that allows you to be social and have fun with others despite your age.


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