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You Might Need a New Swim Spa Cover If…

Not-So-Good Morning

It’s a beautiful morning and you think you’ll go outside for a while; in fact, you plan on taking a dip in your swim spa for a bit of invigorating exercise. Once you wrangle with the heavy cover, you notice something floating in the spa. What could be grosser than a squirrel floating belly-up in your swim spa? Two of them floating together. Your cheaply made spa cover got you again! It never fit that well to begin with, no matter how you maneuvered it.

Not-So-Good Night

It’s been a long day. You worked hard into the night and before you hit the sack, you just want to hop into the hot tub side of your swim spa. Relaxing in the bubbly waters, letting the stress of the day melt away so that you can get a good night’s sleep, that’s just what you need. Sadly, that old clunky bi-fold spa cover takes two people to remove it you’re the only one awake at this hour. So much for a good night.

Not-So-Good Color

Summer is here and with it, the bright sunshine, all day and late into the evening. Standing at the kitchen window with a cup of coffee, you glance at your swim spa. Something looks different; something looks strange. Then it hits you. Didn’t that spa cover used to be a deep ocean blue? These days it looks more like a dingy and dirty periwinkle. After the sun, the rain, and any other element that hits it, you’re left with a faded and cheap looking cover. Not only does it look tacky, but it sure does take down the value of your backyard swim spa.

If any of these scenarios sound like something you’ve experienced lately, looks like it’s time for you to shop for a new swim spa cover. Luckily, End2End can help.

Fully Covered

It’s not just a part of our name; our spa covers really do go from one end of your swim spa to the other end. No more open areas where creatures can venture in; we offer you a one-piece design that creates a complete seal on-top of the shell. This also means that you won’t lose heat like you do with those old bi-fold sewn hinges or Velcro seamed brands.

Ease of Use

E2E spa covers are a cinch to remove and replace. If there’s no one home but you, it’s okay; the design of our product makes it a cinch for anyone to open or close completely by themselves. Open the entire unit, or open it partway when you only want to use one side. The choice is yours.

Resisting the Weather

Our spa covers are built to withstand the weight of a load of snow as they are made with strong, quality materials. Each one is UV resistant so they won’t fade in the sun; your blues will stay as bright as the sea and your greens will stay as vibrant as the forest.

We have a beautiful selection of covers in many colors and in sizes up to 20 feet. Let us customize your spa today so that you can swim and soak with less worry.

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