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Why You Should Add Swimming To Your New Year’s Resolution

Why You Should Add Swimming To Your New Year’s Resolution2015 has come to an end and with the excitement of a New Year, many all already made their resolutions. Many make resolutions to start a healthier lifestyle. This can mean that you decide to quit smoking or to eat a healthier diet. Others begin a whole new exercise plan. One of the best and most beneficial exercises around is swimming!

Why Swimming? Here are a few reasons why swimming should be a part of your New Year’s resolution!

1) Build Up Bone Mass

Researchers used to scoff at the idea that swimming could affect bone mass. After all, many believed that only weight-bearing exercises could achieve those types of benefits. However, after several studies done and published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, it has been proven that swimming does indeed increase Bone Mineral Density just as well.

2) Improves Muscle Definition And Strength

Swimmers are able to gain muscle strength throughout their entire body. Where runners are able build muscles in their legs, swimmers utilize more muscle groups in order to move through the water. This makes swimming one of the best aerobic exercises to give yourself a total body workout. If that wasn’t great enough, swimming also strengthens your heart, the most important muscle around.

3) Increases Flexibility

Swimming requires a lot of reaching, twisting, stretching, and pulling your way through the water. Much like with building muscles, swimming requires you to stretch and move your entire body rather than just single parts.

4) Reduces Inflammation

Swimmers are not only strengthening their heart, but also helps prevent atherosclerosis build-up in the heart. How? Swimming is great for reducing inflammation which can lead to many health problems including atherosclerosis build-up and lessening disease progression.

5) Lowers Stress And Depression

There is nothing better for stress and anxiety then a natural endorphin kick.  While you often hear about a runner’s high, swimming can do just as much to bring about those feel-good emotions too. Not only that, but swimming is also incredibly relaxing and can be just as meditative as yoga.

Want to get the most out of your swim?

Get all the benefits of swimming at the comfort and convenience of your own home with a swim spa or indoor pool. This allows you to get the fitness and relaxation you desire without having to travel or having to fit into another place’s schedule.

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