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What Is A Swim Spa?

master spas swim spaHave you been thinking about installing something in your backyard this summer that will allow you to swim? Not sure if you have the right space? Maybe you should consider a swim spa! If you’ve never heard of a swim spa, let us explain it to you.

What Is It?

A swim spa is like a small-scale swimming pool. There are different options to choose from when looking for one. Some come with a hot tub at one end, while others are designed with features for athletes who want to use them for training. With a swim spa, there is a machine that allows you to swim against the current without ever really moving. Think about doing laps in a pool. You swim back and forth across the entire pool. With a swim spa, you swim in place and the spa provides the resistance you are looking for with much less water. Neat, right?


Swim spas have a ton of different uses. They are great for therapy reasons and are used to relieve joint pain and arthritis. The health benefits have been shown to help a wide range of people and age groups. Everyone from kids with autism to seniors with arthritis can benefit from the soothing waters of a swim spa. If you are looking for a therapy solution, check with your doctor to see if a swim spa might be right for you.


Swim spas can also be used for exercise. The current that your are swimming against is enough resistance to provide a great workout. Swimming has been proven to be a great source of exercise, and getting daily exercise can improve your overall health. Some swim spas also are equipped with resistance bands and strength training options. Resistance bands can be added for arms, legs, and more. Check out all the options available if you are looking to purchase a swim spa for exercise.


Some athletes purchase swim spas to go along with their training. If you are looking to swim long distance, or would like to add swimming to your workout routine, then a swim spa is a great option for you. Water workouts ease the stress on your joints, and can be a great way for athletes like runners to give their joints a break while still getting an awesome workout.

If you are looking to purchase a swim spa, you should be ready to take care of your investment. One of the ways is by purchasing a great cover to keep the debris out and the heat in. An End 2 End Swim Spa Cover can save you money on heating costs, plus help you to keep your spa clean. The safety technology allows you to remove the cover alone, keeping you safe when getting ready for your workout. Check out our full line of sizes and colors today.

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