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The Best Option for Triathletes

You’ve got the running down – loops around your neighborhood, always with the same pair of trusty shoes. Bicycling is also no problem; various routes in your town and even training with friends. But swimming can present a problem to triathletes in training – not only accessing the pool (most have specific hours) but also in the swimmer’s movement in a pool itself. Your swim spa will overcome those issues and provide you with the accessibility and endurance you need to propel your triathlon training.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning a swim spa is the ease of use. Some triathletes prefer to train in the dead of night; others, at the crack of dawn. A swim spa is always there; no keys or passes needed. Training wherever and whenever you desire increases your muscle endurance, confidence, and stroke power. Many athletes have found that they train more often thanks to the convenience of a swim spa.

Another benefit of a swim spa is the physical set-up of the spa itself. In a regular-sized pool, you will swim a lap, turn, and then swim another lap. Such turning movements do not mimic the open water you will experience on the triathlon. A swim spa provides a continuous and smooth flow of water so that you can get a true sense of your open water endurance without enduring any pesky turns. The river-like current is a true representation of the swimming portion of a triathlon, and you will find that your open water endurance improves.

Once you’ve got your swim spa and are training whenever you want, making any changes to your stroke is easy. As the swim spa imitates the open water, any changes you make to your stroke will produce immediate results. You’ll know right away if something is working or needs to be tweaked. You can even practice your transition into and out of the water at home, thereby re-creating an authentic triathlon experience. Some athletes install mirrors on the bottom of their swim spas to further analyze the efficacy of various strokes.

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