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Swim Your Way To Better Health

Fall is here and October officially starts the holiday season. To some people, it signals the start of the party season; lots of get-togethers and lots of opportunities to visit with friends over a cup of coffee. Of course, you can’t get together for coffee without a little Danish pastry to go with it. And there has never been a party without delicious appetizers and snacks! And everyone knows that when you get together with friends for a nice dinner, there’s no way that you can by-pass the pasta-bowl-that-doesn’t-end at your favorite Italian restaurant.

With so many festivities and occasions to indulge in good food and drink, you might wonder how you’ll ever fit into your holiday clothes. The average person gains 1 to 2 lbs. over the holiday season and though that does not seem like a lot, most people keep the weight on through the year. By the time you go through 7 years of holidays, you’ll pack on fourteen pounds! If you are one of those people who just can’t say no to good food, you might want to consider making a little bit of time for some exercise to stay in shape this holiday season.

There are several options for exercise, but the amount of calories you burn for a 30 minute session might surprise you:

  • Walking (2 mph) – 120 to 150
  • Running (5 mph) – 300 to 350
  • Dancing – 225 to 260
  • Low Impact Aerobics – 260 to 310
  • Swimming (treading, laps, breaststroke) – 375 to 440

Surprised? Swimming is one of the best ways that you can lose weight or stay in shape. Since it is a low-impact exercise, you don’t have to worry about excess wear and tear on your joints. For people with poor balance, swimming is a great way to work out without feeling like you might fall. Water has a therapeutic effect on the human body and mind, so taking 30 minutes a day to do something that is good for you in all ways hardly seems like work at all!


Do It At Home

People have had treadmills in their homes for years. Now, people are discovering the benefits of swim spas at home. Swim spas can be installed outside, in a garage, or even in a basement. Imagine coming home after a hard day at work and realizing that you still have to get in your 30 minutes of exercise. Who wants to get on the treadmill at that time? Seems a bit easier and a lot more fun to just hop in the swim spa; plus, you’ll burn even more calories!

Owning a swim spa has never been easier, and with the right swim spa cover, you’ll be able to take advantage of your spa more often. End 2 End Swim Spa Covers provide easy access to your spa by offering a user-friendly design. Plus, since they cover your pool or swim spa from end to end, the water will stay warmer than covers that have gaps and seams. And no matter where you live, E2E Covers are the best cover to protect your investment.

It’s time to get yourself prepped and ready for the holiday season. Eat what you want and still look good! After you have your new swim spa picked out or need to replace an old foam cover, browse our selection of swim spa covers available and call to get yours today.

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