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My wife began shopping for cover solutions.  She came across End 2 End amongst her choices.  After reading the reviews and looking at the overall design we decided to go with the End 2 End.  And we are so glad we did!!!  Others have written about the great customer service and assistance and I would only echo those comments as our experience was as good or better.  My wife can now swim anytime she wishes as the cover easily rolls back for her.  I am thrilled by the great seal the cover provides keeping out ALL needles and tree debris!  My filter is so much cleaner and nothing is being sucked into the pumps anymore.  This cover has made the experience of owning a swim spa great! If you have or are contemplating a swim spa, this is the best cover you can have.  Thank you End 2 End!  The entire experience has been terrific and we now thoroughly enjoy having and using our swim spa!!!

Dan Stanley & Kay Coles…North Carolina…August 2017

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