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Receiving and Unpacking Your End2End Swim Spa Cover

Receiving Steps

We at End2End Swim Spa Covers go to great lengths to crate your cover so it will ship safely to your destination and arrive as intended.
Despite these precautions, freight damage is still possible.
Although said damage occurs on less than 2% of shipments, you, the customer, are responsible for noting this in writing with the driver at the time of delivery.
Please inspect the crate thoroughly before signing the shipper’s receipt.

Note: If any freight damage HAS occurred, and the contents appear to have been harmed, take pictures of the damage and refuse the delivery – do NOT sign for the crate.

Unpacking Steps

  1. Using a #2 Phillips driver tool, remove the screws used to attach the end pieces of plywood. Enclosed within one end of the crate will be a shipping pocket containing both cover-lock hardware and another copy of these instructions.
  2. Remove the screws holding down the top of the crate (If you ordered a Cover Shelf with your End2End cover, it will be packed on top for removal first).
  3. Now all of the exposed screws and remaining sides of the crate can be removed which will leave the End2End Cover sitting on the crate base and ready to be moved to the swim spa.

Warning:  DO NOT drag the End2End Cover across the ground or other abrasive surfaces; this will result in damage to the cover.


Installing Your End2End Swim Spa Cover

Unpacking Steps

  1. With a minimum of two able-bodied people, pick up the stretch-wrapped cover and transport it to one end of the swim spa; place it securely on the end of the swim spa shell. Most swim spas are uniform in shape, so either end is fine. If your swim spa has a waterfall feature or other built-in customizations, however, it may be necessary to move it to the opposite end so the cover matches the custom features.
  2. Gently and carefully, use scissors to cut away the stretch-wrap.
  3. Unroll the cover along the bar-top of the swim spa.

Note:     Since the cover has been tightly compressed for an extended time during shipment, it must be allowed to heat up and relax before it will reach its specified length and dome height.

  1. There are two reinforced, adjustable straps on each long end of the cover – grasp both and pull hard to stretch the cover taut.
  2. Ensure the cover is a good fit for your spa and inspect it for defects in materials or workmanship. If it is found to be free from any such defect and fits the spa well, move on to Step 6 to complete installation.
  3. Next, attach the SureLock cover-lock receivers to the spa skirt or deck, directly below where the end-straps hang; using at least two of the provided #4 x 1” stainless steel screws for each. Make sure to leave an appropriate amount of slack to allow for seasonal adjustment of strap length. Once the end-straps are fastened and secure, repeat this procedure to install the side straps.

Installation of your End2End Swim Spa Cover is now complete!
Your next step is to complete and submit the online warranty form.

Enjoy your End2End Swim Spa Cover – the best cover you will ever own!

Note:   If you have purchased an End2End Cover Shelf refer to the separate End2End Cover Shelf Installation Instructions for installation details.

Warranty Registration Requirements

Register Your End2End Swim Spa Cover for Warranty

Warranty registration of your End2End Swim Spa Cover is an online warranty registration process and requires you to also provide photos of the End2End Swim Spa cover installed on your swim spa.

This is best done once your cover has had a chance to relax its shape for a few days and you’ve had a chance to inspect the cover for defects in materials or workmanship.

Note:     Warranty registration must be completed within 30 days of delivery.

Please carryout the following to formally register the warranty requirements for your End2End Swim Spa Swim Spa.

Take Photos

  1. At a minimum you will need to take the following photos to attach to the on line warranty registration form.
  • A side/wide angle of the End2End Cover in the closed position after it has been installed and latched-down to your swim spa.
  • A side/wide angle of the End2End Cover rolled about 2/3rds of the way down the bar-top of your swim spa.
  1. Transfer the photos to your computer for attaching to the on line warranty registration form.

Complete Online Warranty Registration Form

To access and complete the on line warranty registration form, enter the following in your web browser:

Complete the warranty registration details including uploading the photos taken.

There is also provision for you to enter general comments you may have about your experience with the team here at End2End, and now that you’ve had a chance to test the cover out any comments you may have about the cover itself.

In no event shall E2E, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages whatsoever—to property or life—arising out of [or connected with] the use or misuse of its products. Nor are we liable

Please read and understand the Unpacking, Installation & Maintenance Instructions, as well as any additional literature, included with your cover. If you lose your copy of these instructions, please let us know and we will furnish a replacement.

Further, E2E is not responsible for the improper use/application of accessories, tools, or products extrinsic to those manufactured and provided by the same.

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