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Below are some helpful tips for seasonal care that can assist you:

Keep the cover stretched-taut which creates the center dome arc to a complete pitch.  Always fasten and lock the cover on all sides with key. Roll the cover both directions continuously. Keep the cover clean.

Regular monthly maintenance is required on the END 2 END Cover to keep it looking and performing it’s best.  For complete cover care instruction click here:

Contact the customer support team with any questions. Toll free 855-583-8880 ext. 705

Winterizing the swim spa and securing the End 2 End Cover for non-use

For customers who do not intend to use their swim spa [or perform regular maintenance] during any season, follow manufactures instructions on how to winterize your swim spa. Additionally, secure the E2E Cover on all four sides fasten and lock all. Next, securing the E2E Cover with ratcheting straps Lastly, place a heavy/water resistant tarp over the top of all, and secure to receive inclement weather accumulation.

EXAMPLE:  The first photo illustrates a heavy water resistant tarp placed over the secured End 2 End Cover. The second photo illustrates the End 2 End Cover and swim spa is ready for daily use.

Winterizing Water Repellant Tarp  END 2 END ABOVE GROUND

Summer Startup  / Open Pool Season for End 2 End Cover

Step 1: Remove any residual snow/weather from the water resistant tarp. Next unfasten tarp and remove.

Step 2: Unfasten the End 2 End Cover and recreate the internal frame/dome shape. By pulling simultaneously from end straps, shake out the cover and re-position on the top of the swim spa. Next, if your frame/rods are leaning slightly off-center, identify what direction the rods are leaning left or right. Now, roll the cover against the rod lean, completely opened and let rest [approximately 30 minutes] in a rolled up position on the opposite end of the swim spa.

Step 3: Follow swim spa manufactures instructions on how to fill up and restart your swim spa.

Step 4: Roll the cover back out, secure/pull the end straps taught, and fasten to a stretched/closed position. Next, re-evaluate the rod position. If the dome/rods continue slightly off center to the left or the right, you want to position the cover so the lean is towards the end of the swim spa that you enter/exit from day to day. To achieve this, you may need to spin the cover 180 degrees. Example video link []. Rolling the cover opened on a day-to-day basis will allow the cover to gradually work itself to a nice centered dome position.

Step 5: On completion of the water fill and spa start-up, fasten and secure your End 2 End Cover to a closed position for next day use, or as soon as the water is heated up and your desired temperature is reached. Enjoy summer and swim spa use.

Recommended annual 180-degree spin of the cover

Stretching the E2E cover

Securing the cover with ratcheting straps for hazardous storm or vacation relief

End 2 End Cover: How to roll open and close

In no event shall E2E, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages whatsoever—to property or life—arising out of [or connected with] the use or misuse of its products. Nor are we liable

Please read and understand the Unpacking, Installation & Maintenance Instructions, as well as any additional literature, included with your cover. If you lose your copy of these instructions, please let us know and we will furnish a replacement.

Further, E2E is not responsible for the improper use/application of accessories, tools, or products extrinsic to those manufactured and provided by the same.

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