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End2End Cover Shelf Installation Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your End2End Cover Shelf. To help ensure the cover shelf provides years of reliable service please ensure the following installation instructions are followed.

General Installation Information

  • Each bracket is pre-assembled here at End2End and is ready for attachment to your swim spa.
  • The Cover Shelf assemblies are to be attached to the end of the swim spa where you desire the rolled End2End Cover to be stored while the spa is in use. The installer will have to determine the strongest location on the swim spa skirt onto which to mount the Cover Shelf brackets.  Once the attachment location is decided, the installer should align the top of the horizontal support arm with the top of the spa shell and, using the predrilled 1/8” (3mm) pilot holes and included screws, attach the brackets to the skirt.

Special Notes Regarding Attachment to Spa Skirts

  • If the swim spa skirt is thin wood or plastic, then special care should be taken to ensure that the Cover Shelf brackets are located where the structural framework of the spa is backing-up the skirt material. For sufficient vertical support, at least one vertical row of screws [per bracket] need to catch the structural framework of the swim spa. To keep the brackets flush with the skirt, all included screws should be used for the attachment.
  • If the desired attachment location doesn’t have any structural framework backing it, then the installation process will first require additional reinforcement of the skirt siding.
  • In order to safely distribute the weight of the E2E cover, install/add as large a piece of 1/2 to 3/4″ (13mm to 19mm) structural sheathing as possible to the existing framework. (In most cases, and primarily for cosmetic reasons, any structural reinforcement is attached to the back side of the skirt. But if the unit’s siding is not removable, then it follows that this reinforcement will be external. Either is fine so long as the screws have sufficient material to bite into.)

E2E is not responsible for damage or injury resulting from improper installation/use of the Cover Shelf. As ever, use your best judgement when deciding how best to install the Cover Shelf; the specifics of its application will be unique to your particular setup.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this installation, we at End2End Covers will be happy to address them.

Contact Details:

Phone: 775.583.8880

In no event shall E2E, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages whatsoever—to property or life—arising out of [or connected with] the use or misuse of its products. Nor are we liable

Please read and understand the Unpacking, Installation & Maintenance Instructions, as well as any additional literature, included with your cover. If you lose your copy of these instructions, please let us know and we will furnish a replacement.

Further, E2E is not responsible for the improper use/application of accessories, tools, or products extrinsic to those manufactured and provided by the same.

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