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Thermal Information

We all have a general understanding of the insulation R-Rating System.

R-Rating is a measure of how a material resists the flow of heat through that material. There are now many superior, heat-retaining materials available to insulate these days instead of the 50-year-old hot tub style design with thick foam covers.

We at E2E have tested the E2E Swim Spa Cover against the 3 inch R-19 foam cover and the 5 inch R-30 foam cover. The E2E Swim Spa Cover outperformed them both in climate control test chambers, saving customers daily energy consumption and costs.

The reasons for this, which link directly to the materials used in the designed of the End 2 End Swim Spa Covers®.

  • The E2E Cover’s one-piece system, locks in heat vapor which stops convective heat loss. There are no sections or seams for heat loss like on an outdated conventional hot tub style cover.
  • Air trapped in our multi-layered cover stops conductive heat loss.

These factors, locking in of the heat vapor and air entrapment within the cover is why we outperform the other cover systems.

The E2E Cover® provides consumers energy efficiency, one-person ease of use, and longevity.


The following testimonials extracted from the from the E2E Website are from customers who have purchased an E2E Swim Spa Cover and have commented on the thermal benefits gained from the E2E Swim Spa Cover.

There are many other testimonials received from customers on our website under the Testimonials webpage.

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We love it !!!
Ease of use, deflection of the rain, one person point of access and stylish looks has made us extremely pleased with our purchase of the E2E swim spa cover.

Steven & Joanna…Branford, FL…March 2020

I have to tell you that we are very pleased with the E2E cover that we recently purchased. It works great…is very easy to use on a daily basis…and keeps the heat in the tub much better than the old modular cover system that we had. All I can say is “Wow…what. Difference”

If you ever need a testimonial or other recommendation, please let me know. And please pass this message on to Tim and the rest of the team there at E2E.

Have a Merry Xmas and Holiday season.

Jim Phelan…December 2019

Hi Doug, I received my new spa cover 3 weeks ago and could not be happier. It beat all my expectations. Thanks for such a great option.
Doug Myers…November 2019

Good afternoon;
I purchased a cover for my swim spa from End-to-End earlier this year. It is as good as I was told. Also it came thru Hurricane Dorian without a problem. We had some 90 mph wind gusts and it didn’t even budge. GOOD COVER…..

Stephen Peters…September 2019